Balika Vadhu 2 25th November 2021 Written Story:

The scene begins with Anandi supplicating that Kankus marriage can be halted. While Maadi Baa appeals to Lord krishna that all should work out positively and young men family should like Kanku. Kanku likewise asks that she can effectively take off from house. Anand upholds Kanku and inquires as to whether she is prepared and she concurs . Jigar prepares for school and purposefully goes to Devali and gets some information about driver. He illuminates her that Jigar, Anandi and even Kanku will school. Devali gets amazed to hear that.

Kanku attempts to rapidly take off from house however Devali comes and stops her. She asks her how she can go to class when grooms family is coming to see her. Kanku gives excuse that she needs to submit venture and its last day for accommodation. Devali advises her no compelling reason to go to class and grabs her pack. Anand looks on. Devali inquires as to why the pack is so weighty and is going to open to actually look at it yet Kanku rapidly takes it from her and says it weighty because of books. Maadi Baa comes and asks Kanku for what good reason she is in school uniform. She asks both Anandi and Kanku to remain at home.

Kanku cries gravely. Anandi thinks she wants to consider something and needs to proceed to comfort Kanku. Anand stops her and thinks he wants to proceed to converse with Kanku first with regards to elective arrangement. He tricks Anandi by his words and tells her not to converse with Kanku now or she may get more surprise. Anandi leaves. Kanku cries and lets Anand know that their arrangement got flop. He tells her not to stress as he has reinforcement plan.

Maadi Baa asks where Premji is. He accompanies bites and says he was bringing new ones so he got late. They are extremely eager to invite grooms family. Maadi Baa gets a call and gets frustrated. She lets them know that family wont come today as their minister have proposed tomorrow is promising day. They even said they can’t come at home and have mentioned them to come at Krishna sanctuary following day to fix marriage. Jigar catches the discussion. Sejal says they have been accomplishing such a great deal arrangements. Devali gets stressed and contemplates whether they altered their perspective. Maadi Baa comforts her.

Anandi is going to goddess to prevent grooms family from coming. Jigar tells her supplications are heard and furthermore says whatever he heard. Anandi proceeds to tell same to Kanku. She encourages her to call Madhav at sanctuary following day and furthermore to converse with Maadi Baa once. Kanku goes to mollify Maadi Baa to delay her arrangements for marriage however she shows her report about adoration marriage on paper and tells Kanku needs to wed by their will. Kanku yells at Anandi and gets annoyed with her. The scene closes with Anand and Kanku arranging how she will pursue away around evening time everybody is sleeping.

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