Bigg Boss 15 24th November 2021 Written Story:

In todays scene; Inmates awaken on kinship tune. Vishal alongside Tejasswi chat on camera and wishes crowd hello.

Day 53 at 8:45AM; Shamita face Neha about talking something about TRP. Neha says she dont recall.

9:30 AM; Rajiv talk with Umar and says Neha didnt came to chat with him. He adds he has a mind and cant follow Neha else his game will be impacted.

9:45 AMl Neha face Rajiv. She inquires as to whether he dislikes her than he should go to her. Neha says to Rajiv he is with Umar now which implies he flips. Couple share a discussion.

11 AM; Tejasswi talk with Vishal, Karan and Umar. She says in top 5 3 individuals are from OTT. Vishal and Umar concur with Tejasswi. Vishal says Nishant, Pratik and Shamita has an incredible solidarity. Karan and Tejasswi concur with Vishal.

11:15 AM; Neha talk with Karan and says Pratik is touchy however he is vocal with his considerations and he faces with the individual.

11:30 AMl Neha says to Rajiv that she isnt loving he is imparting about their issue to Umar. She says now she is furious with him as well. Verbal contention occur among Neha and Rajiv.

12:15 PM; Umar says to Neha that later case that he put oil in the hotness. Verbal contention occur among Pratik and Umar. Post that Pratik and Umar push one another. Karan, Vishal, Nishant and others attempts to hinder Umar and Pratik. Umar guarantee Pratik has manhandled.

Pratik apologize to Umar and says he didnt manhandled as yet saying ‘sorry’ Verbal contention occur among Umar and Pratik.

12:30 PM; Verbal contention proceeds among Pratik and Umar over manhandling one another. Thereafter, Nishant says to Pratik that he is easy prey in this manner he ought to abstain from responding on everything. He says Umar dont have content accordingly, attempting to bring by standing up for Rajiv.

8 PM: BB requests that everybody accumulate in the nursery region. He requests that last 6 take their lamps and remain on the stage. Jay, Simba, Rajiv, Vishal, Neha and Umar meet detainees. Everybody wish each other best of luck.

BB report in the midst of the last 6 one will take off from the house quickly today. Karan, Tejasswi, Nishant, Shamita and Pratik gets a chance to save their cherished competitor and oust the one in the midst of the 6.

In the first round, Nishant saved Jay.

8:30 PM; Shamita choose to save Rajiv. Pratik consents to save Neha.

Shamita saved Rajiv in the second round. Tejasswi saved Vishal. Then, Karan saved Umar Riaz. Ultimately, Pratik saved Neha and Simba gets removed. He gets enthusiastic for Simba. Detainees gets enthusiastic for Simba as well.

Umar and Tejasswi talk with one another and choose to get Jay on their side. Shamita and Neha also plan to welcome Jay on their side.

1:15 AM; Tejasswi and Nishant share a discussion with one another. Nishant says to Tejasswi that he will converse with Karan outside to clear their issues.

1:30 AM; Nishant and Pratik talk with one another. He says Neha and Jay isnt making great bond with others.

Subsequently, Umar and Vishal exhortation Rajiv to know about Pratik and Nishant.

Further, Tejasswi read about Wow Natural champi task. Neha-Karan, Rajiv-Nishant and Umar-Pratiks is being combined for the undertaking. Neha and Karan wins the assignment.

Day 54 at 9 PM; Shamita inquires as to whether he said to Rajiv that he own me. Jay admitted he said. Shamita adds Rajiv is her sibling and she didnt loved it. Jay says he won’t say it once more. Team contends with one another.

Ahead, Harsh and Bharati shocks detainees by saying the manner in which they slighted them on Sunday and they left in the center. The same way, barely any competitors will go out today.

12:15 AM; Karan, Umar and Rajiv dance together.

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