Udaariyaan 25th November 2021 Written Story:

The scene begins with Fateh carrying Jasmine to the room. Jasmine cries continues to mourn that Tejo ruined her fantasy. Fateh persuades Jasmine saying that Jasmine will get frantic in satisfaction subsequent to seeing his shock. Fateh wipes her tears and requests that she be glad on their big day. Simran carries Tejo to Fateh and Tejos room. Tejo won’t come in. Simran says that Fateh didnt utilize this room after she left and neither let Jasmine come in

. Tejo goes in reviewing her minutes with Fateh and cries. Fateh hears Kushbeer chatting with the minister over telephone. Fateh says to Kushbeer says that he brought a cleric as the minister he called is their old one and Jasmine can get disturbed. Kushbeer says that hes not fretted over Jasmines state of mind. Tejo prepares and reviews Jasmines words. She asks that Jasmine and Fatehs wedding to occur with practically no issue. Tejo drops the stud.

Angad and Tejo pick it simultaneously. Angad plays with Tejo. Angad shows a rose and says that her look will get total with it. Angad puts the blossom on Tejos hair. Tejo says that she needs to be companion with him until the end of time. She further says that they will begin their fellowship from today. Angad consents to be simply old buddies and shakes hands. Angad playfully says that kinship is the initial step for adoration and they giggle. Fateh shows up there and sees this. Tejo and Angad notice Fateh. Fateh apologizes for not thumping. He compliments Angad for their commitment. Angad additionally salutes him for his wedding. Fateh gets a call and leaves.

Sandhus show up at Virks. Rupy asks Kushbeer for what reason he appears to be miserable. Angad comes and says that he put a condition. He requested that Kushbeer become his father for now. Rupy demands Kushbeer to concur. Kushbeer sees Fateh talking over telephone and reviews his words. Kushbeer imagines that he had bogus expectation on Fateh. Kushbeer consents to become Angads father. Kushbeer requests that Angad guarantee that he will not Tejo shed a tear. Angad concurs.

He says to beat him assuming Tejo gets tragic. Kushbeer embraces Angad. Fateh sees this. Kushbeer calls everybody to begin the commitment. Angad says that the wedding will happen first and gets down on Fateh. Fateh says that theres time for wedding and says that commitment will occur first. Fateh gets a call again and leaves saying that hes coming. Angad and Tejo dance. Everybody cheerfully takes a gander at them while Kushbeer looks on.

Jasmine is preparing for the wedding. Sweety says that Fateh loves her parcel and shes fortunate to get Fateh. Jasmine asks where Fateh is. She requests that Sweety proceed to track down Fateh. Sweety concurs. Jasmine gets cheerful reasoning that Fateh should plan for her shock. Fateh drives off in his bicycle.

Simran and Mayi dance. Tejo, Angad Virks and Sandhus relatives go along with them. Tejo and Angads commitment customs start. Jasmine is in call with Sweety. Jasmine inquires as to whether she tracked down Fateh. Sweety says that she cannot find him anyplace. Jasmine ponders where Fateh is and attempts to call Fateh, however hes telephone can’t reach.

Sweety asks Nimmo where Fateh is. Nimmo says that he should be in his room and leaves. Angad is given the ring. Angad requests that Tejo reevaluate as she actually has time. Angad acclaims Tejo and says that he can even do commitment dramatization for Tejo. Biji says that theyre going to get tied in genuine relationship.

Angad concurs that theyre going to get tied in a relationship and adds taking a gander at Tejo regardless of whether its a companionship relationship. Jasmines companions jokes that Fateh flee. Jasmine closes them saying that he should plan treat for her. Tejo reviews Jasmines words and looks on. kushbeer trusts that Fateh will stop this commitment. Fateh returns home.

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