Kundali Bhagya 25th November 2021 Written Story:

Scene starts with Sherlyn lets Prithvi know that out of frustration she uncovered reality to Rishabh. He tells her that she killed his desire for obliterating Luthras. She blows up and requests that he not fault her since its him who wrecked everything. She lets him know that Luthras wont send her to imprison yet will affront her particularly Preeta and cries. He tells her that, that wont occur. He requests that she pack her gear and avoid Luthra house before Luthras toss her with regards to the house. She arrives at Luthra house and reviews Prithvis words.

In the interim, Rishabh goes out with his baggage. Preeta asks him that what befell him abruptly. Kareena and Rakhi gets some information about the matter. Dadi asks Kareena that where Rishabh going at this point. Sonakshi additionally emerges from her room. Sherlyn remains quiet and ponders that why Rishabh going out. Rishabh leaves from that point without saying anything. Preeta asks Sherlyn that for what reason Rishabh went out. Sherlyn comprehends that Rishabh didnt say anything to Luthras.

Preeta tells her that he recently said that there is a business issue in London branch yet she feels that, that was only a reason since he didnt even stand by till Karan returns. Sherlyn tells her that she dont know anything and leaves from that point. Kareena lets them know that something is off-putting without a doubt in any case Rishabh wont leave like this. Rakhi and Dadi concurs with her. Sonakshi lets them know that possibly there is actually a business issue in London.

Sherlyn goes into her room and lets herself know that Rishabh truly went out and why he avoided as opposed to tossing her with regards to the house. She reviews her words and thinks that her words broke Rishabhs heart and grins since he didnt uncover her before Luthras. Preeta comes there and asks her that what occurred between the last option and Rishabh. Sherlyn tells her that she truly changed and she dont realize that why he went out. Preeta trusts that Sherlyn coming clean and leaves the room.

Dadi consoles the crying Rishabh. Sonakshi lets them know that she can comprehend Rakhis torment since she likewise cant express her affection to Pihu. Dadi and Kareena tells her that the last option can communicate it to Pihu. Sonakshi lets them know that Preeta is occupied with different obligations so she can’t give her opportunity to Pihu and its not Preetas botch. She says to them that Pihu needs her mom now so Preeta should deal with Pihu leaving different things. Preeta comes there. Kareena requests Preeta to take care from Pihu and leave Rishabh and Sherlyns issue. Dadi lets Preeta know that from here on out the last option ought to invest energy with Pihu as it were.

Karan comes there and Preeta embraces him. He gets some information about Rishabh on the grounds that he conversed with him. Sonakshi sees them and figures that she will win soon. Following day, Sherlyn meets Prithvi and illuminates him that Rishabh didnt uncover her and he went out. He gets cheerful subsequent to hearing her. He requests her to render retribution from Preeta for benefit from him.

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