Bade Acche Lagte Hain 25th November 2021 Written Story:

Scene begins with Priya assuming the fault on herself. She says I needed to show the papers to my legal advisor once and have some familiarity with about the invalidation. Slam says you didnt trust me. Nandini asks do you have a legal counselor.

Priya says OK, I needed to have the papers looked at, the papers spilled from that point, sorry, fault me assuming you need. Nandini says call that legal counselor, I need to record a case on him. Adi says let it be. She says legal counselor spilled it or his laborer, right, we should record a case, all of you got much injured. Slam says let it be. She says Meera was likewise grieved, call the attorney. Adi thinks sorry Priya, she is getting caught as a result of me.

Neeraj comes and says I have the number, she reached the number through me. Smash inquires as to for what reason will she take your assistance. Neeraj says she took my assistance, I m her sisters spouse, I will call the attorney, you converse with him. Slam says I dont need to talk, I m finished with this. Neeraj requests that Priya accompany him and converse with the legal advisor. They leave. Nandini says I will fail to remember this assuming you need, would you be able to fail to remember this, are you alright.

He says Priya and my marriage has turned into a joke, I dont have any right on her, yet I have acquired her trust, she can come to me to request help. She says she went to Neeraj, she is more alright with him. Smash says OK, yet he doesnt regard her and her family, even she doesnt like him, for what reason was she with him. She says I dont know why she picked Neeraj, that family is muddled, Priya would be sorrowful like you when Vedika and Shashi got hitched, you care deeply about Vedika, Priya will likewise care deeply about Neeraj, she said in meet that one cannot neglect first love, so she goes to him, I have concealed something from you, I heard Priya and Neeraj chatting on sangeet day.

Neeraj says land me my position back, you got saved as a result of my theatrics, Ram needs to leave you, you have no legal counselor, Ram needs to cancel the marriage, dont fault me. Priya says dont address me. He says you dont care for your sister, I will come clean to Ram, Nandini will request that Ram make you out for releasing these papers, I need my occupation back, I m allowing you one day. Adi comes to Ram. Nandini says you ought to have let me know that Priya asked the papers. Adi says no.

She says she confides in Neeraj more than us. He says Priya isnt awful. She says perhaps she has a delicate corner for Neeraj, we need to sort out some way to abrogate this marriage, Ram, Priya lied and got Shivi hitched, we cannot flee from this reality. Adi says this marriage cannot be invalidated. She asks what, why. He says court wont accept that Ram and Priya arent a cheerful couple, there is no issue between them now, sorry, I ought to have the papers endorsed previously. Smash says its not your misstep,

Adi is correct, we have given the meeting, Priya saved our standing and family regard, this marriage cannot be abrogated now, assuming individuals realize this, then, at that point, we will have business misfortunes, Sid and Shubhams arrangement will get dropped, we need to fail to remember this for the business purpose, let this marriage stay. She says as you think that it is correct. Adi thinks express gratitude toward God, Ram did right.

Brinda expresses gratitude toward Adi and says I m so glad that you are my significant other. Vikrant and Kunal grin. Brinda says at last dissolution papers are no more. Vikrant says this matter can come out once more, we need to consider something. Adi says we will consistently pay attention to you, I have seen it, Priya is ideally suited for Ram. Vikrant jokes.

Adi says I m not kidding, Priya has endured a ton, Neeraj is a sickening man, I will manage him later, she assumed the fault to save me, I m an outsider for her, do you know anybody such. They say Ram. He says precisely, Ram and Priya are ideal for one another, Lord sent somebody who resembles Rams nature, who loves Ram, Ram is so great, great ought to occur with him, much obliged for keeping that meeting, you woke up, we wont let anybody separate them. Brinda embraces him. They all embrace.

Smash considers Priya. Priya comes and says he doesnt get me, let it be. He thinks she took Neerajs help and didnt tell me, she knows I dont like him. He takes the pill. She stops him. He insults her. She thinks I m not blameworthy, I will rest without battling. He blows up. She believes is he stressed due to Neeraj, I wont give a clarification. Slam acts to call Adi and talk. His telephone rings. She thinks he is coming up with a rationalization. She asks what was this. He says you took help from Neeraj,

you released the papers. She says sorry, I realize I ought to have come to you to take help, I didnt wish to inconvenience you more. He says sorry, I couldnt comprehend. She says dont imagine that I dont need to converse with you or I dont trust you, I had deceived you about Shivi and Akki, I didnt wish you to feel embarrassed before your family. He says our family, we arent ready to talk and trust one another, I dont need to hurt you,

I realize you are straightforward, I m likewise legit, we are comparative, everybody thinks you couldnt fail to remember Neeraj, I dont think thus, you are affable towards him only for your sisters purpose. She says you suspect as much. He says I felt terrible that you took Neerajs help. She says OK. He says I need to join this messed up outline, such a lot of occurred about cancellation, would we be able to fail to remember this for certain days, would we be able to delay this, I m burnt out on this, assuming that you say. She gestures.

Precap :Priya requests that Neeraj come out and converse with her. Smash says he is my new record director. Neetu says Priya did an enchantment on Ram. Smash and Priya have a second.

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