Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Hansika taking Purab inside and tells that she needs to admit that she needs to show respect to him for every one of his endeavors. She says I have heard Thapki and your discussion. She says I heard Jaya aunt and your discussion as well. Dadi inquires as to whether she had food.

Thapki says no. Dadi requests that she call Purab. Hansika says I comprehend that you assumed Thapki’s liability because of your guarantee to Jaya. Purab says I assumed her liability because of my guarantee to Jaya Maa and upheld her against my mom. He asks her not to tell her. Thapki hears them and goes upset. Hansika thinks Thapki heard it.

Purab says today Thapki and I like one another, and tells that he isn’t satisfying the connection because of guarantee now, and says conditions have changed as well. Hansika says Thapki won’t see now, and have heard what I needed to make her hear. Thapki reviews her minutes with Purab. She reviews their embrace and so forth Principle phir bhi tumko chahungi plays… ..

Thapki cries and thinks I thought whatever I am feeling for you, you feel something very similar. She says I am weight and obligation regarding you, which you are satisfying it. She says the guarantee made to Maa, has tied us even presently.

She says you upheld me for the guarantee. Purab says this thing will not arrive at Thapki. Hansika requests that he trust her. Thapki says our connection was a weight. She comes out and sees Sargam, Anchun, and others moving. Sargam requests that she dance. Thapki moves quick stunning everybody. Her shoes, hoops come out and tumble down in Purab’s arms. Veena Dvi says she will demolish our regard,

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being the bahu of the house. He asks what occurred, Thapki? Jaya says I will take her to room and will converse with her. She takes Thapki with her. Purab goes behind them, yet Hansika stops him asking him not to meddle among mother and girl. Purab thinks this matter isn’t among mother and girl.

Jaya asks what is happening Thapki? Thapki cries. Jaya inquires as to for what reason are you crying, you are my fearless kid. Thapki says I am not daring, and says I am powerless in your sight. Jaya says this isn’t right. Thapki says I know it all, that you thought me as a weight and took guarantee from Purab. She says you asked infront of him to assume my liability, and says you didn’t make the best choice. Purab thinks what is happening inside? Hansika comes there and tells that there are many preferences on Thapki’s video.

Sargam eats the food. Anchun expresses what befallen her today? Sargam tells that now she has figured out how to acknowledge herself and don’t have any desire to intrigue anybody now. She requests that he bring Gulab Jamun. He brings Gulab Jamun.

She says she requested that he bring it for them. Rohit calls her. Sargam says she has saved his number as Kamina Rohit. Priyanka gives juice to Preeti and says I really want your assistance, tells that she has an uncertainty that he has an unsanctioned romance. Preeti says for what reason will he have an unsanctioned romance? Priyanka says Sagar is blameless and the present young ladies are witch. She requests that she save Sagar from those young ladies.

Jaya says I had told Purab ji, and requested his assistance with the goal that he assist you with remaining on your feet. She says I implored him not to leave you, as you are my little girl. She asks what’s going on did I do? She says Purab is having a perfect heart.

Thapki says you utilized his spotless heart, and says he needs to dispose of me. Jaya says he will come clean with you. Thapki says no need. Jaya requests that she converse with him once. Thapki says he will tell that you have constrained him. Jaya requests that she converse with him once. Thapki says say nothing now and asks her not to enlighten anything to Purab concerning this matter, and gives her guarantee.

Anchun requests that Sargam pick the call. Sargam admonishes him and closures the call. Anchun blocks his number. Sargam inquires as to whether he is enamored? Anchun gestures no. Sargam says you will get your sort of young lady. She is confounded with regards to Rohit.

Sargam asks Thapki for what good reason Jaya took her to room. Thapki apologizes to Dadi and says I was glad and moved joyfully. Dadi says no issue. Thapki says Maa felt that I should control myself. Dadi says you resemble our Sargam.

Sargam says you are taking pressure superfluously. A few visitors come there. Thapki welcomes them. The women acclaim her. Sargam says Bhai is looking through Bhabhi. Thapki comes to Purab, goes to take water and drink. Purab inquires as to whether she is disregarding him. Thapki asks who are you? Purab says it is my matter and says it is my obligation, I will not let my saas and spouse be, they will knock about it. Thapki says obligation.

Precap :Hansika comes to her and inquires as to whether she had admitted her sentiments with Purab. Thapki inquires as to for what reason are you doing this, inquires as to whether she enjoys any benefit in this, realizing my mom has taken guarantee from Purab. She says you know it all. Hansika says I don’t have any idea. Thapki says why you are pushing me to admit my sentiments, and inquires as to whether she needs her to ridicule herself.

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