Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 13th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Sara requesting that Priya keep her self image and outrage to the side and advise sentiments to Ram. Priya inquires as to for what reason are ladies told this, for what reason can’t Ram converse with me with adoration. Sara requests that she have water first.

She says you have done this for Ram. Neeraj comes and says Adi is searching for you. Sara gets some information about it. She goes. Adi asks Ram for what reason did you say thanks to Vedika. Slam says she did this. Adi says no, Priya did this.

Slam says she wasn’t at home. Vikrant says you trust Brinda right, she let us know that Priya coordinated this party, she welcomed us. Smash says don’t deceive me, sorry, I didn’t imply that. Vikrant requests that he proceed to converse with her. He says keep self image to the side, if it’s not too much trouble, proceed to converse with her once. Slam asks where is she. Adi says kitchen.

Vedika thinks I realized they will persuade Ram to fix up with Priya, yet… Neeraj says I came here to call Maitri, Ram gave the credit to Vedika, you would feel awful. Priya says you came to identify.

He says no, we additionally had a past. She says I would rather not talk. He says we can remain companions. Smash comes and hears them. Neeraj sees Ram and acts. Priya expresses profound gratitude for your anxiety, you can go to your significant other Maitri. He goes. She goes out. Shashi says Anjali should be unaware of you. Raj asks him not to stress.

Priya gets some information about Ram. Kunal says he has turned into a difficult child, I will get him. Vedika says Priya, I needed to show you something devil, come, help me. Kunal gets Ram. He says I requested that Priya stand by.

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 12th January 2022 Written Update:

Smash says she has no an ideal opportunity to converse with me, she is discourteous, I m no less. Vedika says I tried to avoid the manner in which Ram disregarded you, I needed to say you did this, so heartbroken. Priya says I will deal with this, I don’t have a propensity to assume acknowledgment thusly. Vedika says I made this video for Ram, play this on projector at the hour of cake cutting. Priya sees the video.

She says you made this, so you play it. Vedika figures I will play the genuine video that time. Priya sees Ram and thinks to converse with him. He comes and converses with Vedika. He takes her. Priya thinks its enough, this will forever occur with me.

Priya gets Anjali’s call. Anjali says I m coming to latrine. Priya says I m here, if it’s not too much trouble, come, I will deal with you. She requests that Sandy deal with Anjali. Mom ji hears this and says Anjali is coming to meet Priya, Sid and Shubham are in harm’s way. Raj takes a gander at Anjali. Mother ji requests that Vedika help them. He says you are reasonable, you can deal with this.

Shubham says Ram will become excessively disturbed. Vedika figures Shashi can come here and ruin my game. She prevents Mama ji from calling Shashi. She says don’t make a dramatization, let me think, we need to dispose of this young lady, contact her before Priya contacts her.

Shubham asks how. She says I will deal with Priya, you need to arrive at that young lady. Neeraj comes. He says I had seen the video where Ram proposed you, you will play this video, Priya abhors such things. She says spike Priya’s beverage, her sentiments will come out.

Smash and Priya see one another. Vikrant says we will move, Ram and Priya ought to have a dance. Adi says OK. Neeraj goes to Priya. He signs Vedika. Neeraj requests that Priya have some beverage. Priya requests that he go to Maitri. He says OK, you both are so unique. She expresses profound gratitude for telling. Slam says I won’t constrain Priya for dance.

Vedika says I like to move, we will move, Ram. A man declares the dance. Shubham says we need to keep everybody occupied. Shubham requests that Sara come. Smash hits the dance floor with Vedika. Pyaar ki ek kahani suno… plays… Priya requests lemonade. Neeraj spikes her beverage. He pays the server. Priya takes the beverage. She comes in front of an audience and holds Ram’s hand.

Precap :Sara says Priya needed to praise your birthday with this memory. Slam requests that Priya trust her. They dance.

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