Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Thapki figuring how to communicate her sentiments to Purab, thinks on the off chance that he reject then, at that point? Hansika comes there and says he can’t reject. She requests that she come. Thapki grins. Dadi calls Jaya. Jaya asks how are you and Purab. Dadi says Purab is fine. She welcomes her for lohri festivities. Preeti hears them and grins. Dadi requests that Jaya come. Jaya says alright, I will come.

Veena asks Dadi, why you called her here? Dadi says Jaya is essential for the family. Veena says Jaya was never important for the family. Dadi asks her not to be unpleasant. Preeti asks Jaya, how is she? Jaya asks do you really want anything. Preeti requests that she take her alongside her. Jaya reluctantly concurs. Sudha gets far fetched on Preeti.

Anchun sees Jaya at the lohri capacity and says assuming you had let me know then we would have met up. She asks when did you come? Anchun says Sargam brought him here. He trusts the two families accommodate. Dadi requests that Purab consume the lohri with his hand. Purab comes to Thapki and requests that she come.

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Thapki asks where you need to take me, presently lohri puja will begin. Purab says I am not taking you anyplace, you are my significant other, we will do the puja together. He says when you can share my distresses, why would we be able to do puja together. He says it is one among the 7 promises. They do the aarti together and afterward light the lohri ablaze.

Hansika looks on. Preeti attempts to get Sagar’s consideration and messages him to come, else she will draw close to him. Purab, Thapki and others put the puffed rice in the fire. Priyanka signs Hansika and goes to converse with her. Preeti comes to Sagar and removes him from that point. Priyanka says Purab has consumed Hansika’s fantasies, invigorate her. Hansika asks her not to take pressure and requests that she handle her marriage.

She says your better half isn’t here. Priyanka goes to see Sagar. Sagar asks Preeti for what good reason she was kicking the bucket to meet him. Preeti says until we will meet hidingly. Sagar expresses numerous things are at gambled. Preeti asks do you adore your significant other?

Sagar sees Priyanka and says ofcourse I do, I have unexplainable adoration. Priyanka inquires as to why you are advising this to Thapki’s sister. They tell that they met coincidentally. Sagar tells that Preeti has joined the workplace, where he is marking accomplice. Preeti and Sagar make a story. Priyanka trusts them. Sagar claims to go to restroom. Priyanka goes. Preeti requests twofold exorbitant wristband from Sagar.

Purab gets inquisitive and requests that Jaya share what is the glad information. Jaya and Thapki grins. Purab inquires as to why you both are quiet. Jaya says it isn’t great, assuming that I say among a couple. She requests that Thapki see, when and how to tell? She grins and goes. Purab requests that what tell me? Thapki grins and says I… ..

He says you are anxious as though prospective employee meeting continues. Thapki says she is anxious. He says I know treatment for itself and requests that she accompany him. He takes her to the room and requests that she see first. Thapki watches the video wherein she is playing music. He says it is you? He says it is your video. Thapki inquires as to for what reason did you make the video? Purab tells that he has transferred her video and it is viral at this point.

He says he needs individuals to understand her value and ability. He says music can be made using any and all means, you have demonstrated this. Thapki gets enthusiastic and says today you have done this, and upheld me. He asks did you stall out or stop? Thapki says you have provided me with a pat of solidarity today. He taps on her shoulder and requests that she determine what she needs to say? Hansika hears them and thinks not presently,

this isn’t the ideal opportunity. Thapki says I need to say… Sargam says everybody is hanging tight for you both ground floor. Hansika gets glad. Dadi requests that Thapki and Purab dance first. Purab and Thapki draw close to one another. She says it would be great, assuming there was mists here. They envision moving.

Purab says we are in the mists and requests that she express what she needed to? Thapki says I am begun to feel exceptional for you, and more than extraordinary. He says even I. Creative mind closes. Purab calls Thapki, as she is by all accounts lost. Sargam inquires as to for what reason do you get lost seeing Bhai. Purab asks what befallen you. Everybody moves. Thapki looks for Purab.

Precap :Thapki moves alone astounding everybody and swoons in his arms. Purab inquires as to whether she is fine.

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