Udariyaan 12th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Tejo requests that the understudies sit in the transport, and deal with their baggage. She says Tanu said another educator will come. Fateh comes and welcomes her. Tejo says you here… .

He says come. He sheets the transport. Tejo calls Tanu and inquires as to for what reason did you not enlighten me regarding Fateh. Tanu says sorry, no other educator was accessible. Tejo says I realize Fateh did this. Fateh requests that she come. She inquires as to for what reason would you like to do this, you need pardoning. He says I simply need to secure you.

Jasmin is with somebody. Satti sees her. Jasmin pays the man. She sees Satti coming. Tejo searches for a seat. Fateh comes and sits. She sits close to him. Satti asks why are you here, who is that man. Jasmin says he works for me. Satti inquires as to for what reason did you give him cash, tell me. Jasmin says unwind, don’t become irate, I have a lot of cash, will I give you, which vehicle will I purchase for you. Satti chastens her and beats.

Jasmin says I have brought in cash by utilizing my savvy. Satti says you will return home with me. Jasmin inquires as to for what reason do you care for me today, are you stressed for Tejo that I may foul up with her. Fateh grins seeing Tejo.

Satti and Jasmin contend. Satti requests that she get back home. Jasmin says my life is going great without all of you, I disposed of the day by day dramatization, I would rather not return home. Satti says when your displeasure closes, then, at that point, you will lament, you will think about your folks. Jasmin says simply hang tight for my amazement, then, at that point, you will not have the option to feel sorry for me, you will realize that I m not yours.

The understudies request that Fateh and Tejo sing. Fateh denies. The understudies demand. Fateh says alright fine. They all sing. Satti asks what are you going to do, what is the astonishment. Jasmin says sit tight for at some point, you will know it yourself. She goes. Satti figures how will she respond.

Angad sits in his work. He sees Jasmin in the rearward sitting arrangement. She says I need to talk something pixie, truth isn’t seen on a call, I need to check whether you are deceiving me by telling Tejo my arrangement since you love her, you may have advised her to get her affection. He says thought isn’t awful, assuming I tell her, then, at that point, she will trust me and love her,

she will come to me, everybody will know your reality. She says limit this to your fantasies, Tejo can never be yours, she simply cherishes her Fateh. Fateh sings Hum bewafah… Jasmin says Tejo won’t ever cherish you, you can fulfill your stinging heart by aiding me. Angad says OK, my unexpected will be ideal for her. She asks is everything set for the mishap. He says OK, will that man come, what’s the assurance.

She jokes. She says that man will come. He says pompous, work on the arrangement. Tejo giggles. The understudies dance. Tejo sees Fateh. The understudies request food. Tejo says we will not get anything here, even I m hungry. Fateh says I will get samosas. Jasmin says my unexpected will stun them and afterward your coming before long astonishment will stun them more, we will head out in a different direction then, at that point. She leaves.

Tejo says forget about it. The young lady requests that she eat. Fateh says don’t vent outrage on food, have it. Tejo eats the samosa. The transport separates. Satti fears hearing the roars. Beautiful mollifies her. Satti says I m stressed for Tejo. The young lady asks will we stay here. Fateh requests that the understudies make due, such impromptu things are courageous. Tejo says he is correct, we will make it the best. They tidy up the spot and put the tents. Affirmative zindagi… plays… They see one another. The understudies click pics.

The young lady says we feel hungry. Tejo says I simply have noodles, will you have it, how might I make it. Fateh organizes an oven. He attempts to light it. The man says I think its not working. Fateh says alright, I will proceed to orchestrate something, fare thee well. He goes. Barely any folks begin battling. Tejo stops them. A person Anuj gets injured. Tejo goes to him. She says emergency treatment confine is the transport, its locked. She asks the person for medical aid box. He says you will get it at the clinical store, watch out. Satti says Tejo isn’t replying.

Rupy says network will not be there. Satti reviews Jasmin’s words. He asks what’s wrong. She says I met Jasmin today, something most noticeably terrible will occur. Jasmin calls and says its the incredible luck, I m likewise here on the wilderness street. Fateh gets the sandwiches. He asks where is Tejo. The young lady says she went out. Fateh inquires as to why. The young lady tells everything. Fateh asks how is Anuj now.

The person says he is resting, however Tejo didn’t return, its an hour now. Fateh thinks about Jasmin’s words. He says stay here, nobody will go out, I will see madam and come. Jasmin says weighty downpour, void street, its ideal time, I m sitting tight for her, then, at that point, my activity will begin. She says I gave you cash for this, it ought to occur as I told you, is it clear, Tejo and Fateh, you both don’t have the foggiest idea what will occur, be careful Tejo. Fateh yells Tejo. A vehicle speeds on that street.

Precap :Rupy takes police’s assistance and arrives at Jasmin. She gets stunned seeing the police.

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