Choti Sardarni 12th January 2022 Written Update:

Param comes to Karan’s room and opens his storeroom. Karan expresses what are you doing in my room? He says I am searching for my garments. Karan says they would be in your room. what are you checking?

He says the house keeper traded them unintentionally. Karan says ask your Harleen bua for your cothes. Param says quit detesting her. Karan says here are your garments, deal with them. Param expresses profound gratitude. Karan dozes.

Seher says to Rajveer for what reason would you say you are not sleeping? He says not languid. Seher says we have some time left. I will go take care of the prepares. Rajveer brings tea for her. He says tea. Seher says how could you make this tea? He says it’s simply tea.

Seher expresses consider the possibility that anything happened to you. He says you prepared me. Seher drinks the tea. He says taste boisterously so I can hear. Rajveer rests once more.

Seher comes to Guru ji. She reviews she said to Guru ji she would bring the leaves by the principal beam of sun. Seher checks out the tree. She begins climbing the tree. Seher falls Rajveer awakens. Rajveer says I trust Seher is OK. Master says your face just looks like Meher. Not your solidarity. Seher says I will get them. I’m similar to my mother.

Rajveer is concerned for Seher. Kulwant says I realize you are concerned however Seher will come soon. He says till then I will deal with everything. Kulwant says OK you are my child in law all things considered. Furthermore Seher’s my terrific girl. She does what she chose. Seher continues to attempt and climbs the tree. She tumbles down once more.

Master ji says on the off chance that you bomb the primary test disregard the following. I will do nothing. You advanced nothing from your mother. You just talk. Seher continues to attempt. She climbs once more. Seher gets the leaves. She gets on top. Master ji says just a single moment is left. 10 seconds. Seher culls the leaves. Dawns. Seher says thank you mother. Rajveer is sitting tight for Seher.

Seher brings the leaves. Seher says my mom helped me to be valiant. She gained it from you. She says to master ji will Rajveer be alright? He says put these leaves in the fire. Sehr expresses what? I got them with such a lot of trouble. He says do as I say. Seher places them in the fire. She expresses what next? He says previously drained? Seher says no I can do anything for Rajveer. He says go now and come tomorrow first thing.

The occasion begins. Kulwant invites the visitors. Rajveer asks Param adn Karan to prepare. Two children are battling about the chocolate. Rajveer isolates it for them. They say bless your heart. Rajveer says never battle with your kin. Rajveer says where could Seher be? Seher is coming back. She sees the time. Rajveer says for what reason do I feel so stressed. Seher is coming. She says I should be there for my siblings. The street is under development. Seher says I’ve to take the other course.

Rajveer says Seher is as yet not there. I don’t have a clue where are Param and Karan. Kulwant says Param is here. Where could Karan be? Karan comes first floor. Rajveer says why areyou not prepared? Where are you going? I will request that everybody stand by. Karan says where could Seher be? Kulwant says she returns. Proceed to prepare.

He says Seher guaranteed she will be there for me. She broke her guarantee like Punjab dal. Such a lot of dramatization occurred there. Until Seher is here, I will not get on the stage. Seher is coming. Rajveer says she will return. Karan leaves. Rajveer says I will converse with Karan. I told Seher I will deal with everything. Kulwant says I trust you.

Kulwant gets in front of an audience and says invite everybody. I realize you’re all trusting that the occasion will begin. Be that as it may, this is Punjab. We begin everything with fun and dance. Harleen expresses what show is this? Kulwant plays desi young lady. Everybody moves. Rana and Bitu dance around the house. Harleen says she’s attempting to save her face.

Harleen says to param what’s happening with your nani? He says everybody is getting a charge out of. Harleen says where’s Param? He says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Harleen says Param and Rajveer both are not here and they’re arranging something. Kulwant is attempting to occupy everybody.

Seher is coming. She reviews Karan being concerned. Seher says I’ve to be there for Karan.

Precap :Harleen asks Karan what is your life funda? He says an individual ought not just talk and do things that makes him conspicuous everywhere. Param says I accept in the event that you say something and accomplish something different nobody regards you. Seher’s vehicle breaks.

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