Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Aarav and Simar coming to the Oswal Mansion. Aarav sets Simar’s maang tika appropriately. He asks are you certain, you needed to do this, and says you are very much aware of everybody’s conduct, they won’t do your aarti, and will insult you. Simar says whatever she gets from them,

is OK by her. She says gives up. She reviews her marriage with Aarav and afterward their converse rounds. Badi Maa lets Vivaan know that they all have chosen, and tells that she has repudiating Aarav from her “will”. She says who doesn’t is having anything to do with the house, he isn’t Gajendra and Sandhya’s child any longer, and has no connection with us. Vivaan is stunned and says you are saying this out of resentment,

also says Aarav isn’t web-based media companion, however our relative and we are discussing the “will”. He says we will not take choice out of resentment. Badi maa requests that Sandhya tell, who is Aarav? Sandhya asks who is Aarav? Vivaan is stunned. Badi Maa says I am giving you this situation as you merit it. Vivaan says Aarav Bhai is more predominant than me. Badi Maa becomes furious and tells that she has just a single fabulous child.

Chitra says Vivaan will take the organization higher than ever. Badi maa says our organization will fill in according to your desire. He says I can’t acknowledge these obligations and says he can’t coordinate with Aarav’s capacity. Reema asks him not to underrate himself. Vivaan says don’t have the foggiest idea where is Aarav Bhai, where he is wandering out and about and all of you talk about “will”. Badi Maa tells that she is the top of the family and has liability of all relatives, organization and the representatives.

She says assuming you can’t deal with the obligation then, at that point, tell me. Giriraj and Chitra attempts to persuade Vivaan. Vivaan says the discussion is about Aarav Bhai, my senior sibling and your senior stupendous child, and this house child. He says I can’t have his spot, never. Reema thinks all that will be demolished.

Sandhya lets Vivaan know that she has one child and that is him. Chitra grins. Aditi hears them and gets stunned. Sandhya says whatever Aarav has finished with our family, I can’t excuse him. She says he has lost his entitlement to call Oswal and my child. She says we have no connection with Aarav. Vivaan says don’t say this.

Gajendra says we have many expectations from you, Vivaan. Badi Maa says everybody had adequately said, no one will compress him, first let his reliability towards his sibling quiet down. She lets Chitra know that she gives 30 mins to Vivaan to concur, else he won’t get this possibility once more. She says we will meet after 30 mins.

The gatekeepers stop Aarav. Aarav inquires as to whether they are new? Watch says OK, Gitanjali Devi has changed the security. Chitra attempts to persuade Vivaan. Reema says you love Aarav so much, however other relatives are additionally significant for you, and says you can’t divert your face from every one of them like Aarav. She says until when you will be little kid, when you become CEO, you will have power and position.

She says assuming that you consent to become CEO, then, at that point, you can do what you need. Vivaan figures he can involve this for his advantage. Chitra says you can take the choice, you need, consider it. Giriraj gets some information about it, and says we need your improvement, you are getting a major an open door, don’t release it from your hands. Vivaan says all of you have point and says you need advantage of family and business. He says on the off chance that I become the CEO, then, at that point, I will be the leader of the family and friends.

Vivaan comes to Badi Maa and tells that everything is clear at this point. He is prepared to take up the CEO position. Chitra signs approval to Reema. Badi Maa inquires as to whether he has any uncertainty in his brain. Vivaan says I am prepared to assume up the liability of Aarav Bhai. Aarav tells that he is Aarav Oswal and requests that they open the door.

The watchman tells that they have a rundown and there is no Aarav Oswal composed here. Aarav says I couldn’t care less with regards to the rundown. Simar requests that they head inside and tell them. Aarav says I needn’t bother with anybody’s consent and heading inside. The gatekeeper push Aarav and Simar on the ground.

Badi Maa does Vivaan’s aarti. Aarav and Simar gets up. He inquires as to whether she is fine? He asks the gatekeeper, how could he? Simar requests that he quiet down. He says I let you know that we will not come here, and says you are seeing what’s going on. He says this is totally finished by Badi Maa. Simar demands Guard to head inside and tell them once. The watchman says alright and heads inside. Badi Maa gives the record to Vivaan.

Vivaan says I realize it is quite difficult, however I will give my 100% as per my capacity. Badi maa compliments him and requests that he sign. She says Gajendra and I will sign and you can deal with CEO position from now itself. Vivaan says alright and is going to sign. He asks would I be able to inquire as to whether you don’t feel terrible. He asks do you trust my choices. Badi Maa asks do you believe that I will involve you as a manikin. She says organization’s last choice will be taken by the governing body.

He asks what choices, I can take. Badi Maa says you can take your own choices. Vivaan requests that Badi Maa give him guarantee that his room will be his. Badi Maa guarantees him and says your room will be yours, and you can enhance it, the manner in which you need. Vivaan vows to make the right decision. Badi Maa requests that he sign. Vivaan signs on the papers.

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