Molkki 12th January 2022 Written Update:

Purvi requests that Virender shout out. Virender reasons that he adored his sister the most in this house. It is my greatest lost. For what reason will I do this? Satyam says I wish this was valid. Purvi upholds Virender. I realize he can never do this. Renu Didi resembled his child. How might he do this? Satyam says you and I can be mixed up yet this is a live recording. He requests that Inspector capture Virender before he flees.

Purvi demands that Virender can’t do this. Virender requests that Yogi vouch for him. Yogi says I can’t accept God as well assuming He faults you however this video. Examiner captures Virender. He will be allowed a reasonable opportunity in the court to demonstrate his honesty.

Satyam takes out Renu’s adornments. He finds a journal as well. He peruses that Renu has composed Ram multiple times for Satyam’s rapid recuperation. He grins. She was obsessed with me. He likewise tracks down a note about the secret word of the safe. He observes one more journal in which the secret phrase is composed. He opens the safe and grins. He takes whatever is inside and packs everything in a sack. I will get around 20-30 lacs with this.

I should stand by. Rest of the cash for my expenses will be organized too. Anjali asks him where he is set for when he gets out of the room. Satyam says you are addressing me as I have sent Virender to imprison. Do you think I took something? She conflicts. I asked nonchalantly. He advises her to feel free to really take a look at the pack.

I planned to give Renu Didi’s garments. You can check it or I will show the substance to you. You can send me to imprison on the off chance that you observe anything wrong. Anjali advises him to quiet down. I asked nonchalantly as it were. Sorry assuming you felt awful. She leaves. Satyam hurls a murmur of help and leaves.

Purvi tells Inspector Virender can’t kill Renu Didi. He is guiltless. Auditor says even I trust him however I am limited by law. All proof point against him. Court will be shut over end of the week as well so he should remain here for the following 2 days.

Purvi says there should be something that we can do. Virender tells her there is no hope now. She sits close to his cell. He mourns that he was unable to save his sister. I have harmed you a great deal as well. God is rebuffing me for all that. She lets him know this isn’t the ideal opportunity to talk about this. I’m with you. He considers how he could be in that video as he wasn’t on porch around then. Life wont give us one more opportunity now.

I will be given capital punishment. She prevents him from saying anything further. I’m with you. Kanha ji is with you. I guarantee you that I will take you home securely to your children. He gestures and holds her hand.

Purvi is addressing an attorney as she enters the primary entryway of haveli. You realize that he is guiltless. He has accomplished such a great deal for yourself and the townspeople. He can never kill anybody. Kindly work on something for him. He can never kill anybody. Attorney tells her that he realizes that however everything is against Virender. He detaches the call.

Satyam watches Purvi converse with herself as she enters in the haveli. Purvi is muttering to herself that she is positive that Virender can never do something like this. He is blameless. I will get him out of prison at any expense. You (Virender) need to get back home for the children and me. I know my Mukhi ji. He wont do anything like this.

Satyam believes that she probably won’t have the option to acknowledge being separated from Virender. Who will uphold her now? I will uphold her. she is a young lady all things considered.

Yogi cries taking a gander at Renu’s photograph. Excuse me. I was unable to save you even idea I am your sibling. I can’t get anything. You have brought up such countless issues after your passing. I realize Bhaisahab can chide you however he can never harmed you. Accomplish something or offer us some hint so I can save Bhaisahab. Anjali sits close to him.

He tells her that there are such countless unanswered inquiries. What to do now? Anjali says God calls great individuals soon. He probably won’t have needed her to experience more. I think Satyam adored Renu Didi truly. He was grief stricken final evening. He even did puja for herself and he has given Renu Didi’s garments to shelter as well.

It is great, isn’t that so? She will find a sense of contentment. I think he has changed a ton. You are the head of this house after Jeth ji. I figure you ought to excuse Satyam. Yogi gestures. She advises him to rest. I will give food to Satyam and Purvi. they haven’t eaten anything since morning. He concurs.

Anjali demands Purvi to eat however Purvi considerately decreases. She actually drinks milk for the good of Anjali. Anjali leaves subsequent to advising her to rest. Satyam takes a gander at Purvi from outside and smiles. There were resting pills in that milk. I will come in Virender’s camouflage and exploit that circumstance. You wont have the option to prevent yourself from coming to me then, at that point. Purvi goes to Kanha ji to bring Mukhi ji home as quickly as possible.

Purvi feels lightheaded while strolling and holds her head. For what reason is this occurrence? She doesn’t track down ointment in the pantry. She turns and notification Virender (Satyam) holding out medicine for her. she asks him when he returned home. I realized that Kanha ji wont ward us off for long. He embraces her.

She lets him know that she will battle with the world yet she wont let him disappear from her of all time. He begins touching her back and eliminates her dupatta. He opens the string of her pullover and touches her back once more. Purvi hits him and covers herself with her dupatta. Who are you? You are Satyam, isn’t that so? Did you believe that I wont know when you will blend dozing pills in my milk?

Flashback shows Purvi seeing the undissolved dozing pills in her glass. Somebody attempted to do this deliberately. It can’t be any other person yet Satyam who can do this to me in haveli. This will be a proof against him. Flashback closes.

Purvi enlightens Satyam that she knows regarding his evil aims since day 1. Satyam chooses to stay calm. She will remember me in the event that I say anything now. Purvi lets Satyam know that she likewise realizes that he is deceiving everybody about his disease. You wedded Renu Didi as you needed to get hold of Mukhi ji’s property. I haven’t seen a modest man like you till date! I think you are liable for Renu Didi’s demise as well. Assuming you can come here in Mukhi ji’s camouflage then it should be you on porch as well. Correct?

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