Molkki 13th January 2022 Written Update:

Purvi says I haven’t seen a modest man like you till date. I’m certain you are liable for Renu Didi’s demise as well. Assuming you can take on the appearance of Mukhi ji then I am certain it was you who was on patio that day. Correct? Satyam stays calm. She attempts to remove his veil yet he holds her hand.

He attempts to choke her. He winds up pushing her simultaneously. She gets injured on the temple however she won’t ease off. I will uncover you before everybody. She tosses blade at him as he leaves the room. He gets injured on the shoulder yet figures out how to get away. Purvi calls Yogi and Anjali higher up.

Yogi and Anjali are stunned to see her injury. Purvi lets them know that Satyam is a liar. It wasn’t Mukhi ji however Satyam who has pushed Renu Didi from porch. Yogi asks her how he can do this. He is as yet in shock of losing his significant other.

Anjali seconds Yogi. He can’t do this. He cherishes Renu Didi to an extreme. Purvi advises them to comprehend that he is lying. He wedded Renu Didi just to get hold of Mukhi ji’s property. He isn’t sick by the same token. It is a phony report. He crossed his cutoff points today. He came to my room in Mukhi ji’s camouflage. Yogi asks her how it is conceivable.

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Purvi says I don’t have the foggiest idea yet I am not lying. He was attempting to exploit me as well. Anjali inquires as to whether she is certain it was Satyam. It is a major suggestion. Yogi seconds her. Purvi requests that they accompany her to Satyam’s room assuming they don’t confide in her. He just ran out of here. They head to Satyam’s room.

Satyam is perusing a book when they enter. What are you doing here together? Is everything fine? I was perusing Bhagwad Gita boisterously. Did I awaken you? Sorry assuming I was excessively clearly. I just couldn’t rest. I thought to peruse one part for Renu’s spirit. I will stop now. You can rest calmly. Purvi advises him to stop his babble.

She tells Yogi she hasn’t seen a more terrible person than him. He came to my room some time prior in Mukhi ji’s mask. Is it true that you are professing to be great at this point? Satyam inquires as to whether she is discussing him. She gestures. It was you! Satyam says for what reason would I wear his mask when I can’t tolerate hearing his name. he is the person who has killed my better half! For what reason would I do that? He advises Yogi and Anjali to help Purvi ji.

I saw her murmuring to herself when I returned from the halfway house today. I comprehend that she is distant from everyone else like me as well. Her affection is as yet alive however mine isn’t. I can comprehend her agony and depression. Purvi advises him to stop his babble. She requests that Yogi and Anjali actually look at his clinical report. It is of a 80-year-elderly person. Yogi really takes a look at it. The subtleties have been refreshed accurately in the report now.

Flashback shows Satyam searching for the phony report. He ponders where it very well may be and sees Purvi leaving with Manas. She is holding his reports and he gets strained. I should be 2 strides in front of her on the off chance that I need to satisfy my fantasies. Flashback closes.

Purvi demands that the report has been changed. I saw the phony one before. Satyam asks her for what good reason she is doing this. You are calling my past and current report counterfeit. Those specialists are phony just according to you. It is simply you who is straightforward here, isn’t that so? Proceed to ask my folks. They are crushed on account of my disease.

Purvi demands that she isn’t lying. You think you are straightforward and I am lying? We should see till when will you do this dramatization. Anjali tells Satyam Purvi should be mixed up. She attempts to take Purvi outside however Purvi says Satyam will go out. I saw the phony report myself. I will see till when he will keep on acting. I have adequate confirmations against him.

She enlightens Yogi regarding how she had hit him with a blade while he was attempting to run from her room. Request that he take off his shirt and show us! Satyam advises her to stop. You may be bold however I am not. I wont take off my shirt before 2 ladies! Stop this dramatization. I wont do this. She calls him bold. What befell you back when you were attempting to exploit me? He advises her to stop.

Purvi requests that Anjali get the glass which she had given her milk. The tablets hadn’t broken up by then, at that point. Anjali goes. Purvi requests that Yogi check the injury on Satyam’s shoulder. I will shut my eyes. Yogi advises Satyam to do as told. Purvi shuts her eyes. Satyam takes off the shirt and pivots. There is no imprint. Yogi asks Purvi for what good reason she is in effect so uncalled for to Satyam. There is no scratch. Purvi wakes up and is stunned. I had harmed him myself. Satyam grins.

Flashback shows Satyam checking his shoulder as he takes off the garments. He was saved due to the cushioning in his garments. I would have been dead in the event that I hadn’t worn this. He conceals the garments in the pantry and eliminates the cover. Purvi can come and make a dramatization whenever! Flashback closes.

Purvi advises Yogi to trust her. I had hit him with my hands. He is lying. Yogi advises her to stop. He requests that Satyam wear his shirt. Satyam consents. Yogi advises Purvi to quit accusing Satyam. He is now going through an unpleasant stage. I think you are upset in view of the new occurrences. Anjali accompanies he glass however there isn’t anything.

Flashback shows Satyam supplanting the glass while Purvi was not in the room.

Purvi is stunned. I saw the pills myself. She asks Satyam how he can lie and stoop so low. He has caught Mukhi ji. It is Satyam who has killed Renu Didi! Yogi advises her to stop. He has lost his significant other as of now and you are accusing him ceaselessly. He is a great man which is the reason he isn’t uttering a word to you. He is sorry to Satyam for Purvi’s benefit. Anjali takes Purvi to her room. Satyam hurls a moan of help.

Next morning, Purvi opens the shades. Virender advises her to close them. You are the greatest foe of my rest. She denies. My Tau ji says that one should abandon their rest after a particular age and should zero in on revering God. Awaken and appeal to Kanha ji. He demands her to quit discussing her Tau ji in the first part of the day. Give me a kiss all things being equal. She grimaces. He recommends her to begin watching English films. They don’t feel bashful with regards to this. There is no day or night for them.

They do it constantly. She inquires as to whether he believes that she is short of what them. He grins. Leave it alone. You are complete opposites from them. She begins guiding him in English. He says maybe I am in London unexpectedly. She advises him to return from London. I additionally know what they do. He asks her what they do. She says they savor tea bed. He surrenders. Flashback closes as constable thumps at the entryway. He requests that Virender have tea. You dint eat anything around evening time all things considered. Virender imagines that Bawri wouldn’t have eaten anything all things considered. How might I eat then, at that point?

Satyam reproves somebody for not giving clear guidance to him prior. I will bring the secondary school endorsement in a short time. He closes the call. They are altogether tricks. This is the explanation I need to go to Canada. Purvi stows away as he leaves the room. You succeeded yesterday yet you wont succeed today. I will demonstrate Mukhi ji’s guiltlessness in any case. I will most likely observe something in his room with which I can uncover him.

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