Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Vivaan requesting that Badi Maa trust him generally. Badi Maa favors him. Vivaan embraces him. Watch comes there and tells that some Aarav accompanied his significant other to the entryway, and battling with us to come inside, and told that he is the terrific child of Oswal family.

Badi Maa says I have recently great child and says Aarav and his vocalist peril spouse came to here. Vivaan says I will deal with the matter and goes out. The gatekeeper comes out and says they have denied. Aarav turns upset. Vivaan comes there. Simar says Dewar ji. Aarav checks out Vivaan. Vivaan turns and sees his family looking from the window. Badi Maa looks on sure. Vivaan requests that watchmen open the door.

The gatekeepers open the door. Aarav and Simar are going to enter, yet monitors stops them. Vivaan requests that gatekeepers let them come inside. Aarav lets Vivaan know that watchmen told that his name isn’t in the rundown. He then, at that point, lets him know that Simar and his marriage. Vivaan gets glad and asks what are you talking about? Simar says OK, dewar ji.

Vivaan gets glad. Simar says we came to apologize to our elderly folks here. Vivaan says serious mix-up have occurred, however not by you, but rather by me. He plunks down and contacts Aarav’s feet stunning Badi Maa. He says pardon me bhai, I have fallen in my sight. Aarav requests that he get up. Vivaan says I reclaimed my backing when you want me and fouled up with you, sold out me and let you be.

Aarav says you can’t let me be. Vivaan says don’t safeguard me, and says let me apologize to you from my heart. He then, at that point, requests that Simar pardon him and falls on her feet. Simar causes him to get up. Badi Maa expresses what he is doing? Chitra requests that Reema stop him. Simar says we have extraordinary spot for you, you didn’t annoyed us. Aarav, Simar and Vivaan have an embrace. Reema comes there, trailed by Badi Maa,

Sandhya, Chitra and others. Vivaan holds Aarav’s hand. Aarav holds Simar’s hand. Badi Maa sees them clasping hands. She checks out sindoor in Simar’s maang and furthermore mangalsutra on her neck. Aditi grins. Aarav and Simar are going to twist down to take Badi maa’s endowments. Badi Maa stops them and asks didn’t you feel embarrassed to come here? She inquires as to why you are not answering now, and says since you have filled this present young lady’s maang,

might it be said that you are in shock? Aarav says she is Simar Aarav Oswal and says this time there is no double-crossing, we got hitched infront of Mata Rani with every one of the ceremonies. We have become one at this point. Chitra says we as a whole are now harmed, don’t sprinkle salt on our injuries. She requests that they leave.

Reema inquires as to whether she don’t comprehend, that there is a bad situation for her here in this house. Simar folds her hands and lets Badi Maa know that they acknowledge that they have harmed them. Badi Maa says I disdain you and requests that watchmen toss them out, so no one like them can enter her sanctuary like home.

Aarav says I knew it, that it was an error to come here. Simar stops him and says we can’t be cheerful without your gifts. Aarav says no one really focuses on your tears here, and says I came here for Simar, else I have no expectations with all of you. Badi Maa says you have destroyed our expectations and requests that he go from that point and satisfy her desires.

She requests that gatekeepers toss them out. Vivaan requests that they move back and says no one will contact my Bhai and Bhabhi. He requests that they come inside and says don’t stop me today, I ought to have done this long back, let me do this. Badi Maa requests that he stop here. Vivaan says not today. Giriraj requests that Vivaan submit to Badi Maa. Vivaan requests that he comprehend. Aarav asks Vivaan not to battle with older folks for him. Simar says we have come here for elderly folks’ affection and endowments.

Aarav says heart is filled seeing their adoration and gifts. Badi Maa says there is no one connected with you, tells that everybody have broken connection with you. She asks the relatives, assuming that they are connected with Aarav. No one shouts out. Badi Maa says you both are outsiders for us, and says she isn’t furious or annoyed with outsiders. She says whoever you both are, are bold and remaining here after such a lot of embarrassment. She requests that they leave from that point. Aarav moves in reverse.

Simar folds her hands and says there is an aggravation in a way that would sound natural to you, and says we have harmed you, yet everybody. She says we haven’t found a way this enormous way to hurt all of you, our association is only for encapsulation of affection. Badi Maa requests that she be peaceful and says they have come in her discussions once, however not any longer. She goes to go.

Reema inquires as to whether she got harmony to make Aarav and Badi maa contend. She says everybody abhors you and requests that she go. Simar requests that she leave her hand and tells that I realize that everybody abhors me here, yet it is the present truth. She says assuming there is truth in my adoration and devotion, then, at that point, I am certain that everybody’s heart will soften.

Precap :Vivaan and Aditi do Simar and Aarav’s grah pravesh in the house. Badi maa is stunned.

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