Sirf Tum 13th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Suhani coming to the school and attempting to apologize to Ranveer. Ranveer disregards her and leaves. Suhani goes behind him and requests that he tune in. Ranveer says very much as you would rather not get me,

indeed, even I would rather not hear you. She says she made gajar ka halwa for himself and says thanks to him for keeping her dad’s regard. Ranveer requests that server bring the espresso. He requests that John and Raghav have the desserts.

John requests that Ranveer consent to Suhani and excuse her. Ranveer puts cold beverage on his head and goes from that point. Riya takes a gander at him and says Dean called you in the workplace for some crisis. Ansh and Ranveer come there.

Ranveer reviews Ansh’s words. Senior member requests that they leave dingy show outside. He tells about the avalanche on Dehradun-Delhi thruway and many individuals are harmed. He says clinical group is going there and requests that Ansh and Ranveer go there. He requests that Ranveer lead the group and requests that Ansh support Ranveer.

Ansh says I. Dignitary requests that they fail to remember their own disparities and carry out the responsibility of a specialist. Meeta and Suhani come there. Ranveer gets some information about the losses. Senior member says don’t know at this point. He requests that Meeta acquaint youngsters with Ranveer. Ansh requests that Suhani accompany them, being the clincher of the cluster and says it will be a decent encounter for you. Suhani says I know, yet couldn’t say whether Papa will give me consent or not.

Senior member converses with Rakesh and takes his consent to send Suhani there. He says I am going there as well, with all the wellbeing measures. Rakesh consents to send Suhani. Dignitary goes to Ranveer and asks whose obligation you have taken. He says I am your own collaborator. Ranveer says individual dignitary and says I am your cherished understudy, get reprimanded by you and say sorry as well. He says you need to do this with me. He sits on his bicycle.

Suhani comes there and her dupatta falls on him and stalls out with his bicycle. He liberates it. Sirf Tum plays… ..Ranveer leaves on his bicycle. Meeta requests that Suhani come, else transport will leave. Ansh says this transport is full, we will go in rescue vehicle. Meeta, Ansh and Suhani sit in the rescue vehicle. Suhani gets her mom’s call.

Sudha asks did you leave? Suhani says OK. Sudha asks did you have food? Suhani says no. Sudha inquires as to for what reason would you say you are disturbed? Suhani says I will converse with you. Sudha asks Ansh and meeta are with you? Ansh and Meeta ask Sudha not to stress. Sudha requests that Suhani apologize to Ranveer. Suhani says we will reach soon and tells that she will call later. Sudha drops a glass and tells that she is stressed.

Rakesh says I will pick it. Ansh asks Suhani not to stress for Ranveer, and says he doesn’t contemplate anybody. Suhani checks out Ranveer who is behind the emergency vehicle, on his bicycle. Suhani twists down to take her portable.

The rescue vehicle loses balance. Ranveer is halted as the stones fall on the way. The rescue vehicle stop as the stones falls on it, because of the avalanche. Ranveer calls John and Raghav and gets some information about Suhani. John says Suhani, really. Ranveer chides him. John says she is in emergency vehicle, Ansh took Suhani and Meeta to rescue vehicle as transport was full. He says you had said that you don’t have anything to do with her, so we thought our obligation is finished.

Ranveer says you both will be done. Suhani attempts to open the rescue vehicle entryway. Ranveer comes to the transport and asks John and Raghav, where could Suhani be? They tell about the landline there, and rescue vehicle is stuck there. Ranveer runs there. Suhani attempts to open the entryway. The emergency vehicle is tumbling down alongside the avalanche. Ansh moves Suhani’s hand and he opens the entryway.

He sees the emergency vehicle tumbling down. Sudha, Rakesh and others find out about Ambulance stalling out in avalanche. Suhani illuminates Rakesh that Suhani is in the emergency vehicle. She calls Suhani and the number is inaccessible. Ansh leaps out of the rescue vehicle. A few men come there holding the rope. Ansh attaches the rope to the tree. Ranveer is coming running there.

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