Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 13th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with chandana admonishing Apu. Kajol stops her and says when two individuals are enamored, they don’t think by mind. Naina gets some information about sentiment and tells that Bulti consented to wed somebody, and tells that Apu is diverting her. Apu asks her not to fault him.

Naina says you are my sibling, in the event that I haven’t saved you then you would have captured. She inquires as to why she didn’t educate anybody concerning you, and presently not accepting your calls. Lekha says might be she is disregarding you and you mixed up fellowship as affection.

Kajol requests that he create some distance from her way, assuming this is truth. Kajol inquires as to whether everybody is lying and says this is truth. Apu says this can’t be truth. He says Bulti and I are not kidding about one another, we need to get hitched. Naina requests that he ease off and tells that because of him, her impression is getting down infront of them. She says I won’t let my impression down infront of Shreya.

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Later Kajol requests that Apu talk about his thoughts with her. Apu tells that he was not understanding anything when she was not picking the call. Kajol says I will uphold you, to wed you. Apu says I am certain that she will come clean. Kajol says Bulti regards me a ton and won’t ever stow away from me. She vows to do anything for them. Naina hears them and figures I will grab everybody from you, this battle is between you and me. Anurag considers Kajol, sitting in his vehicle outside Printing press.

He sees Kajol open the print machine, and calls him. Kajol asks him not to sit around idly and go to medical clinic. He says you came to know and says very much like breathing is important, you are important to me.

Bulti lets her family know that they can’t drive her to meet that NRI fellow. Kaushik says on the off chance that you don’t consent to me, then, at that point, I will get Apu caught in Police case and afterward he can’t come out. Bulti inquires as to whether she is with him. She inquires as to whether he won’t utter a word.. Shreya embraces Bulti and murmurs to her, to allow it to occur, whatever is occurring. Bulti takes telephone from Servant’s pocket. Arundita requests that Shreya handle her. Naina sees her and figures she can’t double-cross my eyes.

Anurag is in the gathering. Priyanka calls him. Her mom inquires as to why Anurag isn’t coming for shopping. She asks didn’t you tell him. Dida says we will choose the garments until he comes. Anurag requests that the specialists tell the justification for the treatment. Priyanka calls him again and says we will leave. Her mom says he ought to have informed us if not coming. Priyanka hollers at the person slamming into her and figures simply pause and watch Anurag, how I manage you.

Anurag gets back home and says I feel scholarly invigorated because of the day in office. He calls Baluda. Priyanka comes there and cries, inquiring as to for what reason does he act this way with her? anurag requests that she get to the meaningful part. She says we were going to go for looking for our marriage. He says for what reason do you really want me, as you have done every one of the courses of action.

He says you can compel me to wed, yet can’t constrain me to be content, inquires as to whether she will fault Kajol for something. Priyanka yells calling everybody. Abhishek inquires as to why you didn’t go for shopping. Anurag says I was occupied in clinic. Priyanka says you was simply checking on the case. Priyanka’s mom faults him. Sharmila requests that Anurag and Priyanka proceed to converse with one another.

Bulti calls Apu. Apu picks the call and says Bulti. Kaushik comes and takes the versatile in his grasp. He says you have taken the versatile. He then, at that point, cautions Apu. Apu inquires as to for what reason would you say you are compromising me? He says Bulti has called me. Kajol accepts the call and surrenders. Kaushik says my little girl can’t go to your home. Kajol says in the event that they love one another. Kaushik says their connection is unimaginable and asks her and her family to comprehend.

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