Choti Sardarni 13th January 2022 Written Update:

Seher is stressed. She calls Rajveer. rajveer says Karan pay attention to me. She will come. He falls. Karan holds him. He says would you say you are alright? I’m grieved. You need me to come? Rajveer says don’t do it for me.

Do it for your folks. They need to see you cheerful. The young ladies coming today are searching for an accomplice who will remain with them. I know you’re solid. Karan says I simply needed Seher here. Rajveer says you know her better than me. Rajveer says she can never harmed you. She’s stuck. Trust her, believe me. I will be there for you until Seher comes.

Kulwant requests that everybody sit. Rajveer says women and man of his word put your hands up for the Gill siblings. Param jit Gill and Karan Gill. Param and Karan come on the stage. Everybody applauds. Harleen says in heart I won’t allow Karan to take the spotlight. She gets on the stage and says Karan what’s your life vision?

He says individuals shouldn’t simply talk however do things that make them regarded. Harleen says your turn Param. Param says in the event that you say something and accomplish something different, they’ve no regard left. He checks out Karan. Rajveer says where are you Seher.

Seher says I am coming Karan. I will deal with everything. Kulwant says Param and Karan are the best siblings. Assuming that Meher and Sarab were alive they would be extremely glad to see them and provide them with a great deal of endowments. Kulwant embraces them. Harleen says everything young ladies can rate on their structure. Rate Karan and afterward Param.

Rajveer is concerned. Bitu and Rana ask is everything alright? He says OK. Rana says come sit. Rajveer says in the event that anything turns out badly? Bitu says all is great. Rajveer stays there. He’s stressed. Rajveer says I’ve to deal with everything for Seher.

Kulwant asks various young ladies, which fellow did they like? They say Param. Two young ladies battle about Param. They say see this marked sack. The other young lady says we have everything except we are not glad. Kulwant asks which child do you like? She says P for Param.. Kulwant says how would you know? She says I used to call myself.

A for Amreen. Kulwant expresses what a decent young lady. Harleen says she’s so working class. I would rather avoid her. Kulwant says you don’t have to like. I’ve seen your class. Harleen says I have dismissed her. Kulwant says am I nothing to you? Param says I am.. Kulwant says why are you concurring with Harleen? Karan says you can’t converse with nani like that.

She’s our grandmom. Karan says you stay outof it. The two of them battle. Rajveer says if it’s not too much trouble, stop it folks. Elderly folks battle you both shouldn’t get into it. Harleen says I have dismissed her. Kulwant says I have chosen her. Rajveer says to Harleen do you recollect our arrangement? She says OK.

Rajveer smells something. He says where is gas smelling coming from? Seher is coming. Rajveer draws close to the chambers. Seher is concerned. She calls Rajveer. Rajveer says I really want to find about this smell first. Rajveer draws close to the chamber. The cook places water in the skillet and puts it on oven. He lights the oven.

A ball falls close to the chamber. A child comes to pick it. The child says uncle my ball. Rajveer says go out. He says I want to play. Rajveer says not here. He asks the child do you see anything connected with gas? He says OK chamber there. The child says proceed to stow away in the lobby I will track down you. The child runs out. Rajveer says I’ve to prevent anything terrible from occurring.

Seher’s vehicle stops. She says this needed to happen to. I’ve to return home. Rajveer needs me, Karan needs me. she attempts to track down lift. Rajveer contacts the chamber. He smells them. He shouts the gas is spilling. Nobody is around Rajveer says help please. He attempts to smell. Rajveer attempts to follow it. A cook comes.

Rajveer says gass is spilling. Close it. Kulwant comes. She expresses what’s going on? They all smell gas. The workers take the chambers out. Harleen says to Rajveer how might you be so imprudent disgrace on you. Imagine a scenario in which something happened to these children. Seher comes in.

Precap :Seher comes to Rajveer. She says all is well. Rajveer says nothing is fine.

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