Balika Vadhu 2 13th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Diya saying Anand, Anandi and Jigar have similar scores, lets see who governs the sky. The opposition continues. Jigar’s companion makes Kiara tumble down. Anand goes to see her. Jigar cuts Anand’s kite. He grins. He says assuming you come in my direction, then, at that point, you will get cut off.

Anandi says I will have a good time to break your inner self. Anand helps Anandi. She cuts Jigar’s kite and yells Kai po che. She says I told you, there is no string that can cut my flight, you need to see all the more such losses, I won’t stop. He says I will have a good time in cutting your wings. He leaves. Anand makes her grin.

Bhairavi says this is occurring a direct result of Jigar. Maadi baa says no, its event in light of Anand, Jigar showed us the confirmation. Bhairavi says fine, take your Anandi and leave from here. Maadi baa says Anandi isn’t our own, she broke the connection with us, we imagine great, police might capture us.

Anandi says no, nothing will happen to all of you. Maadi baa says thank you kindly, you’re not sending us to imprison, don’t act great. Mehul says media left, all of you gather your packs and leave from here. Prem says Mehul… Mehul sufficiently says, no fellowship now, Jigar has assaulted Anand, I m quiet in light of the media occasion and endured all of you,

assuming that anybody sees my child then, at that point… Maadi baa says you came in your genuine tones. Mehul says Jigar began ruining this connection. Maadi baa says wrong, Anand incited Anandi. He says you say wrong, you are paying for your mix-ups, you finished Anandi’s kid marriage, its great that this matter is finished, go from here.

She says we will leave now. Prem expresses profound gratitude Anandi for doing this. She says Anandi, our connection is over now, you broke the connection with Jigar. Anandi says I didn’t end my connection with all of you, you are my family. Maadi baa says you didn’t respect us your family. Jigar comes and asks what is your concern, accompany me.

Prem says proceed to sit in the vehicle. Jigar says don’t get mixed up to think its my loss, the fight isn’t finished. Anandi stops Prem and cries. She says our connection is exceptional, you used to adore me a great deal, my connection can end with Jigar, not with my Kaku.

Prem says you were my little girl, since you were Jigar’s significant other, presently we have no connection. She reviews his words. He says you can turn into my little girl assuming you leave this obstinacy, you need to take on this conflict alone, a debt of gratitude is in order for saving us from going to prison. Prem and Sejal leave. Bhairavi requests that Anandi leave. She says I will not meddle for your situation,

you can’t remain here. Anand says this isn’t reasonable, she will not go anyplace. She says its my official conclusion, Anandi won’t remain here. He says kindly don’t do this to me, I told her that I will uphold her. She says you won’t converse with her once more. He inquires as to why. She says I let you know what I needed to, in the event that Anandi is more devil to you then, at that point…

He says amazing, its about restitution, whatever happened was your decision, not mine. She says fine, I will give you a decision today, assuming that you respect me my mother, then, at that point, swear on me, you won’t meet Anandi, on the off chance that she is more pixie, then, at that point, go to her, I won’t stop you. Anandi gathers her packs. Anand looks on and thinks sorry. Anandi figures I can comprehend your circumstance. She leaves.

Prem requests that Jigar let them know that the video was phony. Jigar stresses. Maadi baa requests that Prem trust his child. Jigar says Anandi has done what she needed, we need to figure how to get her covered. Sejal asks will I converse with her. He says no, I will choose it. Prem says let it be. Maadi baa says Jigar is correct. Sejal says I figure we will end this matter here.

Maadi baa says I think you both ought to quiet down. Prem and Sejal leave. Maadi baa asks will Anandi send us to imprison, are you not in pressure, Bhairavi guaranteed that she won’t help Anandi. Jigar says Anandi has no emotionally supportive network, Anand should help her. She asks how treat mean.

Anandi calls Kalpesh. She says call isn’t interfacing, I shouldn’t lose, I simply have some cash, I will track down an inn and afterward a task. She fels cold. She covers herself with the wrap. She says this night will pass some way. She sees a sanctuary. She goes to ask. A vehicle comes. She goes to see.

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