Udariyaan 13th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Jasmin conversing with Angad. Fateh runs out and about. He yells Tejo. Jasmin says I need to do another thing, I need to illuminate the police, will the cop accomplish the work.

Angad says I don’t have a propensity to swindle like you, there will not be any issue. Rupy says Jasmin will consume us alongside herself. Satti says we need to stop her, we need to accomplish something, we ought to bring her home.

He says OK, essentially we will know how she will respond. Jasmin says unwind, this is essential for my arrangement, don’t take this pressure, leave this on me, simply watch and appreciate. Angad asks what’s left in your arrangement. She says relax, its a phony mishap, just you, me and the cop know this, simply the individual who does the mishap shouldn’t know.

Fateh yells Tejo and runs out and about. Jasmin says alright, goodbye. She closes the call. She says let him think its a phony mishap, I know reality, its phony or genuine, Angad doesn’t have the foggiest idea about whose mishap is this, simply a few days and afterward my bomb will fall on Fateh and Tejo. Fateh sees Tejo and embraces her. He asks where did you go, I was concerned, I can’t remain without you.

The understudies come there. Fateh says truly grieved, I was frightened as a result of Jasmin. The understudy asks where did you go, your hand is harmed. Fateh asks how did this occur. He holds her hand to see.

She says I was returning with the prescriptions, I tumbled down and tipsy, I lost the way, how is Anuj. The person says he is resting, Fateh did the guide. She goes with them. Fateh says I got excessively near Tejo, yet she didn’t become vexed, says thanks to Baba ji. The understudies sing. Everybody applauds.

Fateh sits alone. The person requests that his GF approach. She asks him not to contact her. Fateh goes to the tent and requests that Veer come out. He admonishes Veer and says she isn’t happy with your activity. Veer says I will make her agreeable, you chill. Fateh slaps him. Everybody comes. Fateh says comprehend and regard her NO, regard ladies.

The person says this word looks a joke from you, everybody knows how you managed your better half, you wedded one of them and taken part in an extramarital entanglements with another. Fateh says I realize I did a misstep, I m prepared to bear the discipline, I m happy I understood it, so I need to stop everybody, I need to help you on schedule to regard ladies, then, at that point, nothing out of sorts will occur, we need to give them a protected climate,

my family didn’t uphold me in my mix-ups, so I could understand it, I m sure that I won’t rehash any wrongdoing, I need you to give this confidence to your loved ones. Tejo looks on. Fateh says on the off chance that anybody did this with your sister, then, at that point, how might you respond. Veer says then I would have killed him. Fateh says say sorry to Avni. Veer says sorry Avni, sorry Sir. Fateh requests that everybody proceed to rest. Tejo and Fateh see one another. She goes.

Jasmin calls the Inspector and says come soon. She reports the mishap. He expresses profound gratitude for taking note of the vehicle number. He leaves. She says I will have a few desserts today. She eats the laddoos. She says now I will get a decent rest.

Its morning, Fateh asks how was the outing. The understudies say great. Veer apologizes to Fateh. Fateh says young ladies are pixie in our life, we want to regard them. He gets a call from Buzo. He asks did uncle and aunt deny, I will return and talk. Simran says don’t inconvenience him Buzo. Buzo says mum and father concurred.

Fateh asks truly, how could you persuade them. Buzo says I did as you said, I let them know that I love Simran, I persuaded mum and father. Tejo hears them and grins. Fateh asks Simran what’s wrong. Buzo says there is an issue, my folks need to meet Khushbeer first and afterward Simran.

Simran says they concurred reasoning my folks have no issue, what will occur. Fateh says I will come there and persuade them, relax. Tejo makes the understudy rest on her seat. She says I heard everything, I wish they get favored, would I be able to stay here, Anuj is unwell so… Fateh requests that she sit. She says sorry, you can remain situated, what will everybody think, simply don’t converse with me. He says I will keep silent. She grins. Tujhko mai rakhlun wahan… .plays…

Tejo rests on his shoulder. Fateh grins. The bus stations. Fateh sees Tejo resting. She awakens and leaves his arm. She asks did we reach, for what reason didn’t you wake me up. He says you dozed so pleasantly, I didn’t wish to wake you. She says you ought to have. Her dupatta stalls out. Fateh helps her.

Precap :Tejo sees the rose and peruses the note. Fateh sees Khushbeer some place. Rupy and the police come to Jasmin.

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