Balika Vadhu 2 11th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Jigar seeing Anand. Anandi is in the lockup. The detainees pass awful remarks on her and inconvenience her. She sees Anand and gets down on him. He says you here, how did Jigar get free.

He goes to ask Inspector. Reviewer lifts hand on him. Anand holds his hand. Constables get Anand. Anandi says you can’t beat him. Monitor beats Anand. She yells. Jigar comes and looks on. Anand gets whipped.

Anandi cries. Jigar returns home. Maadi Baa requests that he sit, is he OK, did anybody do anything with him. Sejal asks where is Anandi. Bhairavi asks where is Anand, I was calling him. Jigar says the two of them won’t return. They inquire as to why. Anand and Anandi are in neighboring cells. She says I m sorry. He says I m fine, are you fine.

She says you are asking me how am I, when you got injured as a result of me. He asks her not to cry. He jokes and grins. She likewise jokes and grins. Dosti karle… plays… . He staggers. She says if it’s not too much trouble, remain in faculties. He grins. They see one another. She nods off. Jigar shows the video to the family. They get stunned.

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Jigar says I can’t completely accept that they did this with me. Bhairavi says you mean police liberated you and captured them. She contends. She says Anandi said you had captured her. Jigar says no, its her story, I m truly grieved, you would rather not hear a word against Anand, its his arrangement to trap me. She expresses what waste, for what reason will he do this.

He says Anand can perceive this, he disdains me. She says my child can never do this. Maadi baa says you ask your heart, are his affections for Anandi not off-base. Bhairavi reviews Anand’s words. Bhairavi converses with Mehul available for potential emergencies. He says Anand can’t get bail.

She says its not happening right. Maadi baa says that is the thing that I m attempting to clarify you, our families have an old connection, this isn’t going on right, I m strained with regards to Anand and Anandi. Bhairavi says I comprehend, all of you can go to another house close to the school and remain there. Anand sits watching Anandi. Mehul gets Anand rescued. Anandi awakens. Anand says I will not go anyplace, I will talk and come. Anandi looks on.

Mehul sees him and asks how could you get injured. Anand says Anandi didn’t get bail. Mehul says right, come. Anand says I will not do without her. Mehul says its not our obligation, her better half and family are there to rescue her.

Jigar accompanies Prem and attorney. He says Kaka is correct. He gives Anandi’s bail papers. Anandi gets bailed. Jigar meets her and asks are you fine, I have pardoned you, I need your backing in making this connection fine. Anand says stop this dramatization Jigar else… Jigar asks what else. Mehul says Anand, its not your concern, come.

Anandi gets a water pot and pours the water over her head to clear off the sindoor. She reviews Ratan’s letter. Jigar says clearing off sindoor won’t change your destiny, you will forever be my better half. She says enough of your theatrics, I needed mental fortitude to take a choice, I chose it, I break every one of my binds with you today, I m not your better half now, I wasn’t your significant other by heart and presently will not be your significant other legitimately likewise, our connection is finished.

Precap :Everyone faults Anandi and chides her. Anandi says I need my opportunity. The attorney says well done, you finishes the abrogation’s initial step.

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