Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 26th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Mahi holds and gives strength to his brother to complete the last ritual of their mother and sister. Mahi thinks about old memories she spent with her mother and sister. Then she also remembers Avneet’s confession that they deserve death. She sists down, Jogi comes and tries to console her but she removes his hand from her and shouts at him and blames him for everything. Jogi tells her that he knows whatever happened with her is not right but she cannot blame him.

She tells him that from beginning she was telling him that Avneet’s intension was not right but he didn’t listen to her she always told him the truth. She reveals that Avneet had killed her mother and sister. Everyone is shocked to hear this, Arjun thinks that he always knew this. Jogi ask her to calm down, she tells him that her mother and sister had died she will not lie. Jogi tells her that unless he will find the culprit he will not sit, Avneet says that she is telling him who is culprit. Jogi says that he knows Avneet from childhood she cannot kill anyone. Mahi tells to Jogi that he is being stupid. She tells him that now he will come close to her when he will know Avneet reality.

Rupa comes and tells to Jogi that Mahi is very furious, they have to go behind her otherwise she will do something. Mahi reaches home, Avneet is waiting for her. Avneet tells her that she can understand what it feels to lose a mother as she had also lost her mother. She tells Mahi that she went to London to make herself capable of Jogi and there she heard that Jogi married Mahi. She was traumatised, he dreams were broken, she says that everything is fare in love and war. She can do anything to get her Jogi back. Mahi tells her that she is wrong, she cannot understand the difference between friendship and love. Mahi talle to Avneet that Jogi likes her as helis friend but he doesn’t love her. Avneet stops her and tells her that everyone calls her crazy but cannot see the pain hidden inside her.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 25th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Mahi tells to Avneet that her sin is beyond God’s forgiveness. She tells that she will punish her and her punishment will not be big but instead she have to confess the truth infront of everyone and accept that she had killed Seema and Renu. Avneet tells that from where she sees, Mahi is the villan in her love story so she be dead by the end of Dassehra. Then Avneet takes out a knife from her back and pokes it inside her stomach infront of Mahi. She fels down on the floor, Mahi is traumatised she didn’t touch that knife, but at last she tries to take out the knife from her stomach, meanwhile everyone enters the home and thinks that Mahi poked the knife in her stomach.

Jogi calls doctor, the doctor bandages Avneet’s wound and says that the knife didn’t go much inside so she will be fine soon. Meanwhile Police come and informs them that a man called Mukesh he is the driver killed Seema and Renu and accepted his crime. He also told that he killed them for money and jewellery. Mahi tells police that they didn’t have much jewelry and money. Police tells them that he got misleaded and thought that they have money in theri suitcase and when he tried to rob them they safeguard themselves and in this he killed them. Mahi says that did he take Avneet’s name, police said no. She keeps on telling police that Avneet is involved in this, to which Jogi gets frustrated and tells to polce that Mahi tried to kill his friend Avneet and he is the witness. He asked to take Mahi with them for this crime, Mahi and everyone is shocked.

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