Meet 26th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Meet applies cream to Meet Ahlawat and they comes hearing Hoshiyar shouting at Masoom. Meet asks Hoshiyar what happened than Masoom slowly asks him to slap her to implement their plan successfully. Hoshiyar slaps her and tells to Meet that he will divorce her too. Meet holds his collar. Family members comes out and scolds Meet for holding his collar.

Meet says he slapped Masoom and talking about divorce. Masoom says you get angry at him because of me and in the same way he got angry because of Chavi. Hoshiyar asks Chavi come. Chavi comes inside with hand brace. Everyone asks what happened to her. Chavi shows Meet. Masoom says Meet throwed Chavi from stairs as she was asking her to learn well. Meet says it’s confusion and she is lying. Babita asks why will she lie and tell why you did it. Chavi says I teached you like you said aunty but she did to me. Meet asks Raj if he feels she can do it. Meet Ahlwat says she becomes gunda in her anger so I believe she may did it. Babita says she trust her son.

Hoshiyar says I can’t stay at this place so I’m leaving from this place tomorrow itself with my sister and will divorce your daughter. Everyone tries to stop him but he won’t. Masoom creates drama saying how Duggu will raise without father or what if he takes Duggu post divorce and she breaksdown than Babita assures her that they will talk with Hoshiyar and she sends Masoom inside with Ragini. Ram says let’s talk with Hosiyar before he take any drastic step as it spoils our Masoom life. Babita says don’t know whose eye fall on our happiness as my kids are facing problems and I’m not able to do anything. Meet consoles his Mom saying he will talk with Hoshiyar and he takes his Mom to her room. Meet asks Raj if he feels she did it. Raj signs no and leaves.

Next day Meet goes to Hoshiyar room taking his food and he notices Chavi in room than He asks her about Jiju. Chavi says Masoom takes him to restaurant to manage him and she asks him to make her have food as she have to take her medicines too. Meet Ahlawat feeds her. Meet notice them.

Ram says let’s gift Hoshiyar car. Ragini says let’s impress him with food and I feel he may forget his anger. Isha says stop it as it won’t decrease his anger. Sunaina says it’s good if we send them out. Babita says our kids life is struggling because of this girl. Masoom returns to home. Babita asks her if Hoshiyar changed his decision. Masoom says Hoshiyar decided to not to leave from this place. Meet apologies to Hoshiyar and hugs him. Masoom says he have an condition i.e Meet have to apologize to Chavi by holding her feet and touching her nose to floor. Chavi says no, as I can’t insults her even though she insulted. Babita says you’re good that doesn’t mean anyone can hurt to she have to apologize. Meet too agrees. Masoom thinks her plan is moving successfully. Meet says I’m ready to apologize to her but first have breakfast than I will seek apologies infront of everyone. Everyone goes to have breakfast. Chavi praises Masoom.

Meet 25th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Manushi receives call from receptionist that they have to pay 3.5lakhs bill. Manushi scolds him and than she asks him to come to room by getting the swiping machine than she takes credot card from Kunal and pays 4lakhs to manager and asks him to keep 50k as tip. Meet receives message that 4lakh got deducted. Kunal asks manager to settle all bills. Manushi thinks finally she is going to sasural. Meet says how can 4lakh transaction happened from his card. Masoom says card must be with you right. Meet notices card is missing from his wallet. Manushi says Meet might steal it as she needs of money. Meet Ahlawat thinks Meet taking his wallet than he rushes out. Masoom feels happy. Meet Ahlwat goes to Meet amd asks her about creadit card which she stoled from his wallet. Raj asks what’s he saying. Meet says I asked her to keep change in my wallet but she stoled that card and gave to her team and I received message of 4lakhs transaction. Meet looks on.

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