Barrister Babu 26th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Tapur getting ready. Bonditta asks Tapur she got ready herself? Tapur tells she wasn’t sure it Bonditta would come or not so she dressed herself. Bonditta tells why wouldn’t she come? She tells there is nothing more important to her than Tapur’s happiness. Tapur asks is that really so? Tupur takes Tapur with her. Bihari Babu tells Bonditta that Anirudh asked her to bring the gifts for bride. Bonditta finds the letter she wrote for Tapur there and starts thinking it Som has read this letter or not.

Bonditta asks Som did he read Tapur’s letter and is he sure about his decision because they are going to spend rest of the life together. Som tells he has read the letter and he has no problem. Trilochan calls Som and tells the idol of Lord Shiva has came. Som tells Bonditta see I have fulfilled Tapur’s wish. Bonditta asks him what wish is he talking about? Som tells Tapur wrote in letter that she wants Lord Shiva’s idol to be placed in the house. Bonditta starts looking around and reads the changed letter and starts wondering who wrote this fake letter.

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Bonditta asks Sampurna where is Anirudh? Bihari Babu tells her Anirudh went to bring the gifts. Bonditta reaches her room and finds Anirudh standing there with his back towards her. Bonditaa tells Anirudh she is unsure about this relationship because her sister is lying to her and hiding the truth from Som. Bonditta tells it Som finds out in future that we hid Tapur’s past from him he might break the relation. Bonditta is shocked to find Trilochan standing there. Flashback shows how Batuk planned all this and sent Trilochan in his place.

Trilochan gets angry and comes to the hall as Bonditta tries to stop him. Bonditta prays to him to stay calm as all the guests are here. Trilochan apologizes to the guests and tells there won’t be any celebration here today. Batuk asks Trilochan what happened? Trilochan tells if a relation is started on the basis of a lie it doesn’t last long. Som asks what lie? Trilochan tells they hid from you that someone tried to lay hand on Tapur’s prestige. Bonditta calms Trilochan and tells him not to take any decision now. Trilochan and Som leave from there.

Tapur and Tupur blames Bonditta for telling everything to Trilochan and decides to leave the house. Batuk convinced them to stay in another house away from Bonditta. Some villagers tell Bonditta they tried calling her but someone told them there is no Barrister Bonditta her. Malika comes and embraces Batuk and tells him she missed him so much. Bonditta pulls her away from Batuk and asks her who is she? Batuk is shcoked and Trilochan signals him to stop Malika from spilling the truth. The episode ends with Malika telling she is Batuk’s girlfriend.

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