Barrister Babu 25th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode started with Bonditta questioning Batuk when did he learn to play a mouth organ as he never could play before. Batuks asks Bonditta if she is doubting him? Bonditta tells him she is his wife and a Barrister so if she has doubt she should definitely clarify it. Batuk tells he learned to play mouth organ in prison from a fellow prisoner,he tells this was his only companion in prison as Bonditta was not there. Batuk watches Tapur passing by and he questions Bonditta if she is not happy with Tapur and Som’s marriage? Bonditta tells she feels there is something.

Batuk tells Bonditta not to confuse him and say clearly if she wants Som and Tapur to marry? Bonditta says no,she is not happy from this marriage and is about to explain why but Batuk drops his mouth organ. Tapur leaves from there after hearing this. Batuk tells Bonditta to come out of the bathroom fast. Bonditta asks him what is the hurry? Batuk tells he cannot find his watch. Bonditta tells he is shouting so much for a broken watch,she says the watch is in it’s right place. Batuk says the right place of the watch was in drawer but it is not there now. Bonditta tells she gave it to a Kabadiwala.

Batuk starts shouting at Bonditta how could she do so without asking him. Bonditta brings a new watch for him and tells him this watch is much better. Batuk throws the watch and tells her that watch was very precious for him and he will find it. Bonditta starts crying and thinks now she can’t understand Anirudh’s love or anger and sometimes she feels if he is not her husband but someone else. Trilochan overhears Bonditta. Batuk finds the kabadiwala and pays him a lot of money for the watch.

Batuk tells Trilochan this was Anirudh’s last gift to him. Trilochan tells he understands the value of this watch but Bonditta doesn’t. Trilochan tells Batuk if he keeps behaving like this Bonditta will start investigating and find out his truth and take away the kid with her. Batuk tells he won’t let this happen at any cost he will whatever needs to be done to stop Bonditta from finding out about him. He tells he will talk with love and take proper care of Bonditta.

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Batuk returns to Bonditta to apologize to her. Bonditta tells Batuk she has found out the truth, she tells the truth was in front of her eyes but she couldn’t realize it. Batuk thinks his lie has been exposed and starts explaining to Bonditta. Bonditta tells she talked with doctor and she said it is normal in initial days of pregnancy to get angry and irritated. Batuk tells her a fake story that he took an oath not to come near her for one year when they were drowning in river.

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