Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 25th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Jogi and Mahi with Avneet, Biji and Rupa comes to the spot where Mahi found the bodies. Mahi cries her heart out in Jogi’s lap. Even Biji and Rupa couldn’t control themselves and cries. Rupa couldn’t take Mahi crying, she tries to console her and ask Jogi to take out the deadbodies for last ritual. Mahi gets angry and says that no they cannot have last ritual until she will find the culprit. Jogi tries to calm her down and says that he will not sit until he will find the culprit.

Biji also breaks down and says that she didn’t believe her ears when Avneet told them in kitchen that Mahi found dead bodies of Renu and Seema. Mahi is shocked to hear thes words from Biji. Jogi ask Avneet her phone he called the ambulance to take the dead bodies. He then ask Biji and Rupa to go home. Avneet ask her phone back from Jogi, Jogi ask her to take care of Mahi he is coming from home.

When Avneet ces back she couldn’t find Mahi near the dead bodies. Avneet then sees Mahi and comes near her, Mahi ask that she told Biji and Rupa that I have found Seema and Renu’s dead bodies? Avneet said yes, Mahi tells her that she never told anyone that she had found their dead bodies. Mahi doubts Avneet, She tells to Avneet that she has done all these. Mahi tries to slap Avneet in anger, but she holds her hand and accepts that they have to pay for their mistake. Mahi ask what mistake Avneet, she confess to Mahi that she killed Seema because many time she told her not to interfere in her matter.

But Seema always wants to tell Mahi, Avneet’s truth, she always keeps her disturbing and irritating which Avneet cannot tolerate. That’s why Avneet says that she gave her small punishment, she thrown Seema from balcony which made her paralyzed. Avneet says that she thought after this she would stop spying on her and interfering in her and Jogi’s life but she still did and Renu she tried to kill Jogi. Avneet tells to Mahi that how could she forgive Renu when she tried to shoot Jogi. Avneet says that’s why deserve this.

Avneet tells to Mahi that her love for Jogi comes with limits but hers love for him is limitless. She tells that Jogi eyes gives her ray of hope and his heart beat gives her the reason to live. She says that she cannot think of anything apart from Jogi’s love. Avneet tells to Mahi that herother nad sister were human, she can even fight from God for Jogi. She says that whatever she has done it’s for love, her love for Jogi. She also tells that they have done lots of sin and now their sin bag was ful. Avneet tells her that she has not done this from her own hand, she asked someone else to do this for her with planning. She says that they have done lots of sin so someone have to give them punishment for this. She says that she has done judgement by taking their lives.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 22nd-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Mahi ask Avneet to stop, she tells her that she will do the judgement now. She has taken her mother from her so now she will punish her for making he life hell. Mahi tells to Avneet that she cannot understand what love is, as she cannot see the live between a daughter and a mother so how can she talk about love. Mahi tells that if Jogi will get to know that she has killed Seema and Renu then he will kill her.ahi says that she doesn’t need anybody help, not even police not Jogi’s help to punish the culprit. She tells her that she will do the justice, Mahi then holds Avneet’s neck with her hand. Someone hits on Mahi’s head from back, it was the man who killed them.

Mahi gets up at home next day in Biji’s lap. Biji tells her that she cried so much that she fainted. Mahi asked about her mother and Renu, Biji informs her that they have taken them for the last ritual at the graveyard. Mahi says how can they go without her, Biji tells her that if they would have kept the deadbodies for longer time then it would be rotten. Mahi gets up and runs to the graveyard. Biji runs behind her, she ask Avneet to take care of the house as it should be open. Avneet thinks about Mahi that she can go and say goodbye to her mother and sister and aslo she is not going to stay longer in this house.

At the graveyard pandiji prepared for the last ritual, Arjun thinks that he is damn sure that Avneet has done this. Chanda says that who has done this with them, she looks at Arjun, he nods that he doesn’t know. Panditji ask Mahi’s brother to put fire, when he hold the fire his hand is shaking, Mahi holds his hand as she has reached the place.

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