Rishton Ka Manjha 23rd-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Diya does the puja in the garden to the sand made stove. Dadi and Deepika also stays with Diya and gets happy seeing her determination. Diya takes blessings fro dadi and asks her to bless her to make a kheer which is edible also Amitabh and Madhuri also agrees to eat the kheer. Dadi tells that the daughter in law is called as Annapurna its because she is not only filling the family members stomach full but after eating the food made by her the family members heart will be also full. She then blesses her. Tina goes to where Madhiri is. Madhuri looks upset. Tina puts her hand on Madhuri’s shoulder and tells her that she did what she felt right and she don’t have to feel bad about that.

Madhuri tells Tina that she never behaved like this towards her family members. She was a good mother and friend to her son’s also to her daugher in law’s she was a good mother also she was a good daugher to her mother in law but because of Diya she has to behave like that way to her family members. She also tells that she dont like Diya at all and she wants Tina as her daugher in law. Tina tells Madhuri that even she wished to marry Arjun but everything has been changed so now they can’t do anything. Niharika comes there and tells that they have to do something immediately. Tina and Madhuri looks at Niharika with a confused face. Madhuri asks her what is she saying. Niharika tells Madhuri and Tina that Diya made a sand stove in the garden and planning on making Kheer in that. Tina and Madhuri gets shocked.

Diya tries to light up the stove but Arjun comes there and asks her not to do this because if her hand gets hurt then she can’t able to play badminton for a while. By playing badminton she will get a trophy which she won’t get by cooking and drags her out but Diya stops him. Arjun looks at Diya and tells her okay if she don’t want to listen then be like that and tries to leave but Diya again stops Arjun and asks to help her light up the stove saying he is the one who told her that her hand will get burnt. Arjun looks at Diya then helps her light up the stove. He then decides to leave but once again Diya stops him and thanks him. Arjun leaves the place.

Madhuri gets angry and tells Tina and Niharika that Diya showed her real face. How dare she go against her words and decides to cook in the kitchen even after she told her not to do. Tina tells Madhuri that Diya may thought to impress her and Amitabh with her cooking skills but if she dont want Diya to cook in the garden then she will go and tell her and tries to leave the room but Madhuri stops her saying even she wants to see what is in Diya’s mind. Tina thinks to herself that dont know what Diya has done which made Dadi and Deepika to take her side this soon.

Rishton Ka Manjha 22nd-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Diya cooks Kheer while watching a video. Dadi tells Deepika seeing this sand made stove it takes her back to her childhood days. Deepika tells Dadi that at first when she told Diya about this ritual she was so scared but anyone now sees her wont think that she is cooking in this stand stove for the first time. Dadi tells that whatever happened with Diya yesterday she thought its not easy for Diya to capture Amitabh and Madhuri’s heart but seeing her determination in this now she is sure that soon Diya will everyone’s heart also Madhuri will love her the most. Tina thinks that she can’t able to stop Diya now because Madhuri don’t want her to. She then asks Madhuri is she stopped Diya to which Madhuri says that Diya thinks watching a video she can make Kheer and impress her which is not at all true. Tina gets angry.

Diya starts shouting both Dadi and Deepika gets worried and asks her what happened to which Diya tells the data is over in the mobile so she don’t know how many spoons of sugar she has to add in this Kheer. Deepika asks Diya to add two spoons but Dadi tells she has to add three spoons. Deepika and Dadi gets into an argument so Diya stops them and tells that she will add sugar on her own. Dadi asks Deepika to see what Amitabh and Madhuri is doing now. Khush comes there and tells that they have to handle Madhuri only because Amitabh went to Delhi. Dadi says who in their right mind will go to Delhi when his son and daugher in laws reception is held in the evening. Khush tells that Amitabh cancelled the reception too. Everyone gets shocked.

Dadi gets upset with Amitabh’s behavior. Arjun comes there and asks Dadi to not to get upset saying he called all the guests and informed them that today is his reception so everyone will come there. Diya tells Dadi that she don’t want her parents to attend her reception because of the way she got married anything happen and if anyone said anything then she will get upset with them. Dadi asks Diya to not to worry saying they are relatives now and if anyone tells anything against her parent’s she won’t spare them. Khush gets worried and tells Arjun that Amitabh will get upset with him to which Arjun tells that he doesn’t care just like Luv and Khush’s Khush’s reception his and Diya’s reception will also take place. Dadi praises Arjun for inviting all the guests again for the reception.

Arjun then mocks Diya by calling the Kheer made by her as Khichdii then tells that he already told it’s not necessary but she doesn’t listen so he dont want to be a part of any drama and leaves the place. Diya does the puja and places her handmade Kheer infornt of God’s idol. Dadi asks Diya to give the Kheer to Madhuri first. Niharika tells Madhuri that Diya is on her way to give her the Kheer made by her. Madhuri gets shocked she then urges Niharika to close the door but before she could Diya comes there with Deepika and Dadi. Diya tells Madhuri that she is not at all a cook but she is sure that the Kheer made by her will be edible and forwards the Kheer plaate but Madhuri turns her face away. She then asks Niharika and Tina who makes an excuse so she once again goes to Madhuri and asks her to have a test she won’t get disappointed.

Precap: Arjun tells Diya that Karan must be planning something big so she has to be prepared for anything. He then tells Diya after Navratri there will be a camp held by Karan after that it’s a state level competition so instead of wasting her time becoming a good daughter in law she has to concentrate on her match. Diya looks at Arjun.

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