Bigg Boss 15 23rd-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Today’s episode starts with Salman Khan entering the stage. He welcome the audience and highlights each contender is upgraded to the main house.  Khan talks about nomination and says audience plays a vital role in saving the inmates by giving their votes. He also talks about Donal and Vidhi who got eliminated this week.

Further, Khan talks about the task given to the inmates inside the house. Nishant read about the task. Inmates have to decide who amid Karan, Shamita and Jay; is 100% original, fake and 50-50’. Nishant will declare the final result. Task starts; inmates mutually decide and give 100% original title to Karan, 50-50 title to Shamita and fake title to Jay.

On the stage; Salman announce about wild card entry. He says one contender will enter the house soon. He meet the inmates and talk about the happened task. Khan asks inmates if they have given 100% original title to Karan, 50-50 title to Shamita and fake title to Jay. Jay clarifies he is blunt and raw thus inmates have given him fake title. Shamita clarify she is original and others perception don’t count to her. Salman talk with Karan about his action towards Pratik. He highlight about pinning down Pratik. Salman says Karan is saved because Pratik didn’t reacted. He alert Karan. Karan apologize to Pratik and Salman. 

Big G share the stage with Salman. Hina Khan sing a song. Khan welcome Hina and share a talk with her. Hina says she is liking Karan, Tejasswi so far. She decide to shake inmates a little by conducting ‘Boot camp’ task. Salman send Hina inside the house. Hina meet the inmates. Afsana says to Hina she likes her. Ahead, Hina says to inmates to use brain in the task instead of going physical. She further explain ‘Boot camp’ task to contenders. Task starts with Simba, Ishaan, Vishal and Umar. Khan is ask to wipe the table without using the hand. Umar win the task. Later, Vishal says his clothes get dirty and he don’t have any more set to wear thus, he will sit bare body. He gets irked with Nishant post latter claim he is doing drama.

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Hina tell about second task. She asks Meisha and Ishaan to fold the bed sheet while performing hot dance. Nishant and Karan perform the task next. Duo win the task. Later, Hina asks Jay and Afsana to perform ‘waxing’ task. Secondly, Karan and Shamita perform the ‘waxing’ task.

As per the third task; Hina Khan asks Karan to feed strawberries and marshmallow to Tejasswi dipped in different sauces. Pratik and Akasa perform the same task.

Tejasswi talk with Jay about Vishal. She says he keep highlighting he doesn’t have clothes and money. Jay agree with Tejasswi. Tejasswi next talk with Karan and says Vishal is using Shamita and to fetch the attention he is stick to her.

Other side, Vishal goes to Karan and says everyone is against him as he is with Shamita. Karan tries to understand Vishal.

On the stage; Salman show Bollywood actors video. They praise wild card entry contender ‘Rajeev Adatiya’. Salman welcome Rajeev. He share a talk with Rajeev. Rajeev says he is not liking Vishal as he is double face. He is liking Shamita and Karan.

Afterwards, Salman perform a task with inmates. As per the task he will tell inmates whatever talk is done behind their back they have to guess it. Task starts with Jay. Second, Tejasswi come to guess the talk behind her back. Shamita come next.

Ahead, Salman Khan welcome Mainsh Paul. They both talk with each other. Manish perform a task with Salman. Both have fun with each other.

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