Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 22nd-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Avneet feeling sleepy so decides to go and talk with Jogi, when she goes she finds Jogi sleeping. She spreads blanket on him. When she comes back she started thinking when Avneet and Jogi will be together. Next morning Mahi gives pooja ingredients to Jogi and tells him that why they are stretching their fight, if their thinking are different then let it be this should not hamper their relationship.

Mahi explains to Jogi why they are bringing bitterness in their relationship. She tells him that she loves him. May be she doesn’t agrees to all his decision but she is always with him. She makes him realise how important he is in her life and how string isbthere relationship. At last she says that whatever she needs to explain him she did it now it’s upto him what he chooses. She gives him the Kanjak ingredients and leaves.

Avneet gets up late, she worries that how she will arrage Kanjak now, she calls Arjun and ask him to find Kanjak and bring them to her. She gets ready, Rupa ask her about Kanjak she tells her that she slept that’s why now she is going to bring Kanjak now. Rupa stops her and tells her that how she could be so irresponsible, with so much responsibility she gave her this work and now it’s very late she won’t find any Kanjak now. Jogi and Biji comes, Jogi tells to Avneet how she could do something like this. Ahead Mahi comes inside the house with Kanjaks. She tells to Rupa that when she saw there were no Kanjak so she went to bring them she says that who ever bring Kanjak that doesn’t matter, it’s all about serving Mata Rani. Biji tells to Rupa that now Mahi will do the Kanjak pooja.

Mahi and Jogi starts the Kanjak pooja, she gets flash bach that how they together use to do Kanjak pooja. They comes close to each other, Rupa and Avneet doesn’t like their closeness. Biji is very happy seeing them together doing Kanjak pooja. Mahi while serving Kanjak burns her hand, Jogi instantaneously rubs her hand, Mahi remembers that last time also she burnt her hand and Jogi cared the way as he did now. They together happily completes the pooja. Mahi looks at Jogi and he is also looking at her but then Jogi turns his face.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 21st-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Biji taunts Rupa that her decision to do Kanjak pooja with someone else apart from her Bahu Mahi was not right. Biji aaya that she can see Jogi and Mahi coming close, Avneet interrupts and says that she can see a gap betwéen them. Biji says that she is not correct and leave Strom there. While Avneet says that she can see the bitterness in their relationship is still there. They don’t love each other as they use to do, she is very happy and says that soon Jogi will be his and Mahi won’t be in his life.

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