Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 21st-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Guruji giving blessings to Mahi, Jogi arrives with Avneet. Jogi seeing Guruji comes and takes his blessings, but Guruji steps back and didn’t give blessing to him as well as he scolded him and told Jogi donot call him Guruji. He tells to Jogi that you have gained little money and fame and have forgotten all the values and truth. Guruji gets angry on Jogi and leaves from there.

Mahi tells to Jogi that now recording has become so much important to him than a young boys life. His mother came here with hope that if Jogi will sing for her son he will get well, but he didn’t show. Mahi tellsbhim taht he had forgot his promise what he made infront of Mata Rani. Meanwhile Lata comes and falls on Jogi’s feet she thanked him and told him that Avneet madam came to her home and gave them money for her son’s treatment, she even gave her number of a big doctor in Delhi who told them her son will again start walking with his legs. She also thanked Avneet and called them God in human. Avneet tells Lata that nobody is God here and Jogi helps every needy person.

Jogi tells to Avneet that he cannot understand why Lata thanked him, Avneet tells him that whatever he asked her to do she did it. Jogi while recording told Avneet to help Lata as she came to his house with lots of hope, So Avneet tells him that without taking his permission she gave her some money from his recording money. Avneet praises Jogi and tells him nobody have such big heart like him now a days.

Jogi turns to Mahi and tells her that she just tells him bad things, he tells her that the neede money not his song. Jogi tells that today he understood that money can do anything, so he decides that from today onwards he will not do Jagrata. Mahi is shocked and tells him taht he is Mata Rani devotee then how could he say no to Jagrata. He said that he is still a devotee but Arjun told him not to sing everywhere otherwise his voice will spread and will be difficult for his singing career. He thanked Avneet and he was delightful to her. He said what she did nobody can do others only taunts you without helping. Biji shouts at them and ask them to stop arguing.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 20th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Jogi takes a decision and tells that tomorrow Avneet will go bring Kanjak and do the pooja. Mahi says that it’s their first Navratri after wedding so they should do this pooja together, but Jogi says that whatever Avneet had done today after that she should do the pooja. Rupa also supports Avneet to do the pooja. Avneet sees the time and she wants to keep herself awake to bring the Kanjak.

Mahi prepares for the pooja, Biji says that she is happy that she will do the pooja but Mahi tells her that she is preparing for Jogi and Avneet so that they don’t miss anything during pooja. Biji escalates Mahi and calls her fighter but Mahi tells her that she can fight for her rights but she cannot ask anyone to love her. Mahi calls Seema and Renu, their phone were again out of reach, she doubts. Avneet tries to keep herself awake by watching tv and reading books as she have to bring Kanjak in the morning. Mahi holds Jogi photo and says why he is changed he was not like this.

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