Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 20th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode begins with a lady comes to Jogi’s house and tells Rupa that she have heard that they are conducting Jagrata at their house. Biji confirms her and says that Mata Rani have given them many things so they are keeping Jagrata at their house. The lady requests Rupa that if Jogi sings at Jagrata and prays for his son then he may get well soon. Mahi comes back from her job and thinks that it’s good that her mother and sister are not here to see her condition. But then she worries about them that they didn’t call her from the time they reached. She calls them but no-one picks the call. The lady says that she knows that Jogi is a big singer now but if he could help her child, Mahi says yes to that lady that Jogi will sing Jagrata. That lady thanked them and leaves. Rupa scolds Mahi that how she said yes to her, Mahi tells to Rupa that whatever talent Jogi have is due to Mata Rani so he will definitely sing for the Jagrata. Rupa tells her taht Jogi is at studio, Mahi says that she is going for the preparation and she will call and inform Jogi about it.

Avneet gets shock as she gets Manish call, he tells her that he is getting Mahi’s call on Renu and Seema’s phone so what should he do. Avneet scolds him and tells him to throw that sim and donot call her otherwise his condition will be same as them. Avneet hears about the Jagrata. She plans to keep Jogi busy and not attend the Jagrata. When Jogi finishes all his work with Arjun, Avneet comes and tells him that he has a recording right now. Ahead Mahi calls him and ask him to sing in the Jagrata for Lata Di’s son. Jogi tells her that he will come for it. Arjun tells him to stop singing in these Jagrat’s as he is a big singer now, even Avneet suggests him the same. Mahi prepared for the Jagrayta. Guru ji comes and tells them that he knows Jogi is doing well. Lata di comes with his son and tells him that now Jogi bhaiya will sing and pray for him and he will get well.

Jogi is busy in his recording. The composers ask him to sing again and again as they were not getting the perfection. While at Jograta everone came, so Guruji ask Mahi to start the song until Jogi comes. Mahi says that she doesn’t know singing, Guruji comforts her and tells her with true devotion anyone can sing. Mahi starts singing, after some time people start leaving the Jagrata. Rupa tells to Biji that all thsi is happening due to Mahi. People are leaving, Mahi gets upset still Jogi didn’t show. Avneet is happy that Jogi is late for the Jagrata.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 19th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The Jagrata gets over, Biji distributes the prasad. Lata comes and tells to Mahi that she had promised that Jogi will sing for his son but he didn’t come, Mahi ask apology from her. Her son tells to Lata that now he will never walik again. Guru ji hears him and tells to Mahi that she have truth and freshness in her voice if she ever wants she can come and learn from him.

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