Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 19th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Avneet bringing Jogi towards the main door and tells him that the reporters are here to know about their favourite star life and their lifestyle. Jogi is little nervous and ask her whether is required, she says that it’s very important to come close to their fans and people. Avneet opens the door, reporters are standing asking Jogi whether he is ready for the interview or not. Mahi keeps the food on table and tells to herself whether Jogi didn’t had anything for breakfast but now she will make him eat. Ahead Jogi brings the reporters inside home and tells them about everything. The reporters questions him about his lifestyle.

Mahi comes in between and tells that when Jogi use to sing in his old house all the people use to stop and listen to his song. She says infact she also felt first love with his voice and then his loyalty and truth. The reporters ask questions from Mahi about his likes and dislikes, Mahi gets the chance to feed him. So she brings food and tells them that he cannot reject her food and feeds his two bites. Then Jogi moves from there and shows them something else. Arjun ask Avneet whether this will help Jogi ,Avneet is very sure and says that she knows Jogi capability these things will help him to touch the sky.

Jogi meets the reporters to Biji and Bebe. When Jogi brings the reporters outside his house, they find shed infront of them. Jogi makes excuse and tells them that soon they are going to remove this and they will convert it into a house. The reporters ask his permission to take their videos. Meanwhile Mahi comes and washes her taxi, the reporters ask about it. Mahi tells them that she is the first female taxi driver of Amritsar. The reporters laugh on her. She ask why what happened, doesn’t they wants to know about the reality of Jogi and calls the reporter fake. The reporters get angry and blames Jogi to be fake and not them. She tells that Jogi must have rented this house, he is empty pocket as which celebrity ask his wife to drive taxi. The reporters says that’s why Jogi always comes in Avneet madam car.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 18th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Jogi goes inside in anger , Mahi follows him. Avneet tells to Arjun that the reporter was doing over acting. Jogi tells to Mahi why she told them everything. She says that she cannot lie as it’s the truth. Jogi shouts at her and tells her to stop driving taxi as today that report told him useless tomorrow the whole world will call him. He says that he earns nice so now no need for her to drive the taxi. Mahi is shocked and tells him now he is shame of her profession. She tells him that he promised her that he will never ask her to stop driving taxi. She tells that it’s not taxi it’s her passion. Rupa comes and tells her if Jogi doesn’t want then stop driving taxi. Mahi tells to Rupa that she and Biji were her inspiration that how they use to drive bullet and gives milk in every house. She also tells that Bebe, you use to praise me for my unique quality and now you have changed. You always support Avneet against me.

Jogi tells Mahi not to drive her taxi, Mahi says that her booking has come she have to go, Jogi holds her hand and stops her. Biji comes and shouts at Jogi and tells him that he is changing not everyone. Jogi tells to Biji that he will remove the shed too. Biji gets angry that where her cows will go they have made them. They all argued and gets angry with each other and leaves. Avneet enjoys it and tells that everything she is doing just for Jogi and many more things are going to come.

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