Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 18th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Biji slapping Jogi and telling him that why didn’t he picked up Mahi’s call from when she has fainted down and nobody was there to look for her as she was fasting. She scolds Jogi and tells him that his wife has fainted and he was busy playing with this Avneet. She tells him that after getting little fame he is unable to recognise his wife and busy with this girls, Avneet. She tells him that he use to care so much for Mahi before, he use to keep fasting for her long life and now he doesn’t even care. She tells him don’t he have humanity left in him, Jogi shouts and tells her that no he donot have any humanity left in him.

Jogi tells her that yes he is no more a good man. He tells that Mahi was fasting why didn’t she took care of herself. He tells Biji that if she thinks he had changed then this must be right he is changed. He leaves from there. Avneet 8s furious on Biji. Jogi goes and start cutting grass in the machine, Mahi comes and ask him to stop. Jogi tells her that you leave it, Mahi tells him this much he started hating her. He tells her if everyone thinks he is wrong then he is wrong.

Rupa tells to Biji that shebis unable to believe that she had slapped him. Rupa tells that when Jogi was young and she use to scold him then Biji scolds Rupa for punishing Jogi. Jogi tells to Mahi that he could not believe how Biji slapped him as she use to love him the most. She use to tell him stories when he was young, if she cannot see him for ten minutes she use to check the whole village for him. He is not ready to accept that Biji started hating him. Biji tells to Rupa that Jogi is a changed person he is no more that old Jogi. How he is behaving with his wife, she tells to Rupa this is all she wants and now it’s happening. That Avneet came inbetween Jogi and Mahi and now their relationship is on the verge to break.

Jogi ask Mahi to leave him and go, Mahi is shocked. She reminds him of the promises he made with her while taking pheras on their wedding. Jogi gets flash back of their wedding. Mahi tells Jogi that she is not against him instead she wants to be her partner in his journey. She ask him to have trust on him and tells him to take his time. Mahi tells Jogi hope it won’t be that late.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 16th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Rupa is concern about Jogi, she tells that in search of his career , Jogi doesn’t forget them. Mahi comes and tells them taht he will never forget them. His upbringing is done by two very strong women, she tells them that she doesn’t trust Jogi but she trusts their upbringing. She says that he may get diverted from his path but he will never forget their teachings. Mahi consoles Biji and Rupa, she hugs Biji. Biji is happy now and ask about Renu and Seema. Mahi tells her that she didn’t talk to them but got message from Renu that they have reached safely.

Next morning Biji prays for Mahai and Jogi, Avneet looks at her and thinks that she have to pay for what she did yesterday. Jogi comes for the breakfast, Avneet serves him. Mahi says that today he will eat parotha, Jogi leavs from dinning table. Mahi stops him and tells him that Bebe has prepared and not her. Jogi sits for eating after having one bite he stands up and tells to Mahi donot think of him as stupid as he knows very well who has cooked. He leaves, even Biji leaves without eating, Rupa goes behind Biji. Avneet tells Mahi that she still donot understand Jogi. Mahi replies her that she cannot see their connection that after having a bite he can understand that Mahi cooked the food. Avneet tells to herself that Mahi donot know the power of one sided love.

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