Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 16th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Mahi takes the coconut water to drink but then she takes it inside with her without drinking. She sees Jogi’s wet clothes everywhere so she says if he is angry then he should keep his things by himself only but no these things Mahi will do. Then she starts tiding up his room and forgets to drink the coconut. Jogi brings a glass of juice for Mahi but when Avneet tells him that he never forgets to take care of Mahi even when she did so many things to him, he says that he doesn’t bought for Mahi it’s for him. He tells to Avneet that we will sit together and chat and drink juice. Mahi then suddenly looks at the coconut she thinks if she will not finish it then Biji will scold her so she starts drinking.

When Mahi drinks the coco6she feels little dizzy, she thought that she is fasting that’s why she is feeling like this. She drinks the coconut water even more, now her condition is becoming worst. Avneet ask Jogi to take his picture and post on his social media as his fans wants to know more about him. She clicks his picture infront of their frame, she didn’t allow Jogi to go inside the room where Mahi is. While Mahi is dizzy and becoming unconscious. Avneet is busy clicking picture with Jogi, when Jogi comes near to Avneet she feels happy. Mahi some how manages to call Jogi but he didn’t picks up her call. Avneet brings kheer for him and feeds him. While Mahi is getting unconscious, she tries to call Rupa too but she also didn’t pick her call.

Avneet takes Jogi to play hopscotch with her. When they were playing Jogi gets call from Mahi then again he hangs her call and keeps on playing with Avneet. Avneet tells him that she will only win whatever she does she always wins. Mahi lose her concious and falls on the floor. Meanwhile Rupa and Biji comes back. Jogi ask why they came back early, Rupa saya that she was not feeling well, Jogi ask her to take care and not to go out in scorching sun. Avneet tells them that she took good care of holy diya, Biji ask about Mahi. Avneet makes excuse that she must be in her room. Then Rupa checks her call she finds that she got 3 missed call from Mahi, Avneet says that may be she wants to know about what to be cooked. Jogi then brings Lassi for them and ask Rupa to take care.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 15th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Biji worries about Mahi as she is fasting, she goes to check her. Biji finds Mahi on the floor, unconscious. She shouts her name and calls Jogi and Rupa. Avneet tries to help Mahi but Jogi holds her in his arm and puts her on bed. Avneet is jealous, Mahi then gains consciousness, Biji asked her what happened. Mahi tells her that she was feeling dizzy and then falls down. She said that she called Rupa and Jogi. Biji gets angry on Jogi why didn’t he picked her call. Biji slaps Jogi in anger, everyone is shocked.

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