Rishton Ka Manjha 18th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Arjun asks Diya to walk slowly and asks her is she is having pain and if it’s too much ask her to let him know. Diya says okay. Arjun goes to pack their things. He then once again gets worried seeing Diya in pain so he takes her to sit her nearby the bench until he pack things. He tells her after they reaches home if she can’t able to tolerate the pain then he will take her to the hospital. Arjun’s grandmother asks Deepika to prepare everything for Grahpravesh ritual saying Madhuri is angry so she wont prepare it. Deepika tells Arjun’s grandmother that she can’t go against Madhuri’s wishes. Arjun’s grandmother tells that Diya has to do this ritual as she is a part of family and she understands that Madhuri is upset with Arjun’s decision but it doesn’t mean they have to stop doing the ritual.

Deepika asks Arjun’s grandmother that Tina will feel bad when she sees this but Arjun’s grandmother asks her to prepare for the ritual saying God will take care of everything. Diya tells Arjun that she is worried about his family members who will not accept her in their life especially his mother who asked her to not to let him go near the badminton yet today he is here with her for that Madhuri will neither accept her nor forgive her. Arjun asks Diya to not to worry saying he will make his mother understand everything. She thought winning this competition is not that easy but here she is won this just like that she will soon get a place in her family members heart. Diya tells Arjun that she won this match because he is by her side to which Arjun tells Diys to face his family members she will be there by her side.

Madhuri scolds Deepika for going against her words and making arrangements for Diya’s Grahpravesh. Deepika tells Madhuri that they have to welcome her because it’s a part of the ritual. Madhuri refuses and asks Deepika who gave her permission to arrange this to welcome Diya. Deepika hesitates. Arjun’s grandmother tells Madhuri that she is the one who asked her to do it. She also tells that she didnt listened to her mother in law then why she is getting upset with her daughter in law for only listening to her words. Madhuri asks that she is also a mother will she accept her that her son marries a girl who she dont want to and the girl will only ruin her son’s life. Arjun’s grandmother tells Madhuri that she is getting upset with Arjun is okay but they have to do this ritual.

Diya thinks to herself that because of her father’s blessing and Arjun’s support only she can able to win this match and for that she is grateful. Arjun packs all the things and asks Diya to hold his hand and walk. Diya limps. Arjun scolds her for not telling him that she is in pain. Diya asks him why he is scolding her unnecessarily even if she is in pain what can he can able to do. Arjun lifts Diya in his arms. The latter gets shocked and asks him what is he doing. Arjun asks Diya to keep her mouth shut. Niharika tells that when Tina return to this house she will hurt seeing all this arrangements made for Diya and she is already in pain which they all know already. Amitabh comes there and asks what’s happening here. His mother tells him that they are arranging for Grahpravesh.

Amitabh tells nothing such wont happen to welcome Diya. Luv comes there and tells that they lost a business deal with two hundred crores and its because both Arjun and Diya hurt Karan’s Ego by winning the match. Amitabh asks his mother is she can see even before Diya entered this house they have to go through all this and she is planning to welcome her. Arjun’s grandmother tells Amitabh that ritual will happen no matter what. Arjun comes there carrying Diya in his arms and tells his grandmother to not to stop his parents. Everyone gets shocked. Reporters asks the security of Agarwal’s to let them go because they want to take a picture of Arjun Arjun with wife as ther are newly wedded which will help them to sell their news just like the previous picture which has been posted all over the news and they gained profit out of it or else threatened to leak the information that Tina tried committing suicide. Securities gets shocked but they refuses to let the reporters go inside the house.

Diya’s family is on their way to meet Diya in Agarwal’s house. Diya’s cousin tells Mohan and the family still she feels that they should have waited until they gets a call from Diya or Arjun. Her mother tells that she highly doubts that Arjun’s family will accept Diya also they can’t trust someone like Arjun. Mohan tells that he trusts Arjun but he is worried about his family members reactions. Diya’s aunt tells that if anyone there insults her then she wont keep her mouth shut. Her daughter tells that this why she asked her to stay in the house and warns her not to make any arguments with the Agarwals.

Diya asks Arjun to put her down when she sees everyone is looking at her. Arjun obliges. His grandmother asks Deepika to do the ritual. Deepika takes the aaarti plate in her hand but Madhuri takes it from her hand. Amitabh asks Madhuri to not yo welcome Diya but Diya doesn’t listen and goes towards Arjun and Diya.Arjun tells his mother Madhuri that he dont want to go against her wishes and marry Diya but the situation made him take this situation and asks her to accept them. Madhuri does the aarti backwards. Everyone gets shocked. Diya cries. Arjun’s grandmother asks Madhuri what is she doing also calls this as inauspicious but Madhuri tells her that she doesn’t want Diya as her daughter in law for her her daughter in law is Tina who will return to this house soon.

She also tells that she wont accept this marriage at all. She further asks Arjun to marry Tina because their Mughurat for the marriage is not over yet and if he does that she will forgive him. Arjun tells Madhuri that he understands her pain and anger but Diya is his wife and he wont leave her side. Madhuri mocks Arjun for being a responsible husband. Amitabh tells that Arjun made a mistake but he can rectify it and asks Luv to bring something. Luv brings money and gives it to Amitabh who shows it to Diya and tells that this is what her and her family members want from them that’s why they trapped Arjun right so asks her to leave Diya by taking this money which will be more than enough for her and her family for their entire life. Diya gets shocked and cries. Madhuri smirks. Arjun gets angry.

Precap: Diya tells Arjun that she already hurt his family members by marrying him she dont want to increase their pain by doing the Grahpravesh. She then turns around to leave the house. Arjun looks at Diya.

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