Meet 18th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Ragini asks Meet why she is standing on bed. Meet comes down and says I’m seeing where to beat. Everyone gets shocked. Meet asks what are they doing outside their room. Chavi says we came seeing Ragini amd Sunaina. Ragini lies to Meet saying they came to give them. Meet asks where is water than Ragini lies that they came to asks if they need water. Meet tells to Meet that they are trying to listen their talks. Meet says he needs hammer and they asks why than Meet says bed is broken. Sunaina smiles and goes to get them. Chavi frustratedly leaves without trusting Masoom than Masoom leaves after telling him that relationship happen with trust not because bof pressure. Sunaina leaves after giving tool box to him.

Drug dealers beats Kunal after knowing Police caught the drugs and they asks who will pay their money. Manushi goes to know where Kunal went as Manager tells him that Kunal went to parking place. Meet and Meet Ahlawat fights with eachother. Kunal promise them that he will return money and request them to give him more time until Manushi patents accepts their marriage. Dealer leaves after giving him one week time. Manushi notices Kunal state and asks who beat him. Meet sets curtain with hammer help. Meet Ahlawat thinks people are right you imagined her with hammer and that’s happening. Meet falls while installing curtain but Meet Ahlawat catches her. Meet thanks him than he leaves her.

Manushi cleans Kunal wound and asks what’s happening. Kunal tells her fake story saying her family may send the rowdies to beat him and she asks her to call Meet to know about it. Manushi says no need as I trust you and she thinks to teach lesson to Meet.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat sleeps in their side and he request her to not to off the light than he plays Bahut pyaar sing and reminsces his moments with Manushi and gets sad. Meet thinks Raj uncle is thinking everything will be fine but this guy is not even ready to see my face. Both cries. Meet notices he fell asleep than she covers him with Duvvet.

Next day Meet wakesup and thinks Meet us sleeping like a baby than someone knocks the door than she opens the door by closing curtain thinking it’s not good if anyone saw the curtain between them in bed. Meet opens the door and sees Ragini than she gives sarees to Meet and tells her that it’s their custom that their daughter in law must wear the saree for one year and than it’s your wish. Meet agrees than she goes inside and fights with Meet to enter bathroom but Meet Ahlawat enters to bathroom. Meet asks him to come out soon but he teases her amd asks her to wakeup 30m before than him.

Finally Meet Ahlwat comesout from washroom and she tries to go than she about to fell down by dashing him but he saves her than Meet Ahlawat says to Meet from yesterday I have saved you two times I have other works to do so please don’t make this as your habit and he leaves her. Meet fell down and tells him that she will see him later. Later Meet feels problem to wear saree than she notices belt and wears it.

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