Bigg Boss 15 25th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Today’s episode starts with Day 23 2PM; Vishal talk with Shamita and says he was very possessive for Tejasswi but he is hurt with what all she said. Shamita understand Vishal. Vishal says Tejasswi was close to him and he thought she will make upto post weekend ka vaar but she is holding grudges.

2:15PM; Inmates gets excited to see gym at the house. They all get amazed seeing sitting area.

2:30 PM; Nishant tell to Tejasswi that he never trusted Shamita ever. He confess he has gelled with Jay, Tejasswi and Karan so far. Jay says he is trusting Ishaan and Meisha so far. He says he can’t trust Umar. Tejasswi says Karan trust Umar.

9:15PM; Shamita look for her gluten free dessert. She asks Umar if he had. Umar denied. Shamita gets furious on inmates for using her dessert and lactose free curd. She add Simba eaten her curd and gets angry.

1:15PM; Akasa and Karan talk with each other. Akasa asks Karan about her crush and love status.

Day 24 at 8 AM; Inmates wake up!

8:45AM; Akasa tell to inmates their essentials are missing.

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9AM; Vishal share a talk Tejasswi. He says he is affected by her. Vishal apologize to Tejasswi. Tejasswi says to Vishal that his behaviour is completely changed post they entered the house. She add if he is trying to manipulate like Shamita than he is wrong. Vishal says to Tejasswi she is keeping grudges. Tejasswi asks time to make up with him. Vishal says he is possessive for her.

Pratik and Nishant talk about captaincy. Pratik says he will give suitable duties if become captain. He add Karan will play a game with him surely.

11 AM; Clock rings for; Vishal, Ishaan, Meisha, Akasa and others. BB bash inmates for sleeping. He explain the task to inmates to fetch the essentials from the pumpkin kept out in the garden area. Task starts, Inmates runs to fetch the essentials.

Afterwards, Shamita gets excited to see Rajiv. Nishant, Karan, Ishaan and other meet inmates. BB welcome Rajiv. Rajiv praise Shamita’s game.

Shamita decide to talk with Rajiv alone.

11:15 AM: Meisha asks Ishaan about Rajiv. Ishaan says he is very close friend but he is avoiding him. Rajiv share a talk with present contenders. There, Pratik tell to Meisha that Rajiv is a wedding planner from London and handle if any shoot happen out here.

11:45AM: Rajiv asks Shamita to not trust Vishal as he is not her brother. He adds Vishal keep back bitching for everyone. Rajvi says to Shamita that she has chosen a wrong person. There, Vishal share a talk with Jay. He says even if he has manipulated someone but not to hurt anyone. Shamita regret trusting Vishal. Rajiv asks Shamita to end with Vishal.

12:30 PM; Shamita confront Vishal if he has told to Tejasswi that he is making relationship with her for the game. Vishal denied.

1:30 PM; Ishaan confront Rajiv. He asks Rajiv why he is not talking with him. Rajiv says because he is not playing game but making love angle with Meisha. Ishaan asks what he should do. Rajiv says he is bringing outside talk here which he is not liking.

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