Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Jogi ousts Mahi from the set and comes back to the set, tells the director to start shooting as he and Avneet will perform together. Rupa tells to Biji now what will happen? When she hears excitement in Jogi’s voice she also becomes happy. Mahi is sneaking from the door. Avneet performs with Jogi, he gives a sizzling performance with Avneet. Mahi feels disheartened and helpless watching Avneet performing with Jogi. In one shot Jogi finishes the video album. The director praises him for his performance.

While Mahi is leaving from there, Avneet comes to her and tells her how she felt today after watching them performing together? Mahi replies back to her that how she feels to look upon on someone’s else husband. Avneet calls her slow learner, she tells her that from the te Avneet came here how much Jogi matters to her. His love is deeply rooted in her, Avneet tells her that she won’t be able to understand her love for Jogi. Avneet ask her to leave this topic and tells her that the promise she had made to take her out from Jogi’s life. She tells Mahi that he had taken her out from his room and now from his set. So soon he will take her out from his life too.

Mahi saysvthat this day will never come. She tells that she loves him more then her life. Avneet gets angry. Mahi says that may be today Jogi has won due to Avneet but it’s her Jogi victory. She tells her that it’s not easy to take away from Jogi’s life. Avneet comes with Jogi and tells him that the director was praising him for his performance. As they enters home, Mahi is standing with thal to welcome him, she put tilak on his head and tells him that shebis very happy for him. Jogi tells her that today whatever she has done instead of that he had completed his performance.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Mahi gets shock to hear this from Jogi, she tries to justify herself for late coming and slapping the director. Jogi tells her that how he dances to her tune, that director will never dance. He shows his anger on her. Mahi informs Jogi that his music album is doing fantastic on social media and she ask him to reply to his fans. She holds his hand and takes him from infront of Mahi, which Mahi doesn’t like. He sits with Avneet and replies to his fans. Mahi tries to catch his attention she ask him to change and have dinner together. Jogi ask her to stay away, he tells her that what’s wrong with his dress as it reminds her of the victory which he had without her. She smells alcohol smell and scolds him that he had alcohol and had crossed all his limits.

Rupa stops Mahi and says that her son can never drink alcohol, but she comes near him she also smells it. She tells to Jogi that he had broken his promise and due to this habit only his father had left him. She scolds him, even Biji tells to Avneet that what she is teaching him to do. Avneet tries to hide his fault but Jogi tells her not to lie for him. Jogi accepts infront of everyone that he had alcohol. He blames Mahi for drinking alcohol, he says that how she kept on telling him that he can’t do this and that, that’s why to gather courage to do performance infront of everyone without Mahi he needs alcohol.

Jogi tells that he wants money and fame for himself and for that he can do anything to reach that position. He says that he liked how people treated him and wants this fame. Mahi reminds him of his truth and his souls voice. He says that now he is a changed person with time and tells them to accept him like this only. Mahi leaves him there, Avneet is happy to make Jogi changed. She saysvthat now his and Jogi’s life will start.

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