Kundali Bhagya 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Karan asks Rishabh to sleep. Rishabh tells him that he is fine and he complains about him to Preeta. He asks to wake him up because he want to talk to everyone. Karan and Preeta leaves the room and he tells her that Rishabh is disturbed about something. She tells him that it’s because of Sherlyn and this time she crossed her limits. They enters the room hearing noise. Rishabh kisses Karan and tells him that he loves him. Karan tells him that what the latter wants. Rishabh tells him that he has him and that’s enough for him. Karan tells him that he will sleep with him today. Rishabh advices him to not trust anyone blindly except Preeta. Preeta hugs Karan and leaves the room. Rishabh and Karan lays on the bed and sleeps.

Next day, Rishabh comes to the hall and recalls all the recent moments which happened in his life. Meanwhile, Sherlyn enters the kitchen and sees Preeta cooking. Rishabh wonders that why he is tolerating all this and till when he has to tolerate all this. He calls Kritika, Karan and Sherlyn. Prithvi thinks that his game is over and no one can save him now. Preeta asks Sherlyn to go because it’s the latter’s ending.

Kareena talks about Kritika’s gifts to Mahesh. They hears Rishabh’s voice and comes downstairs. Rakhi asks Rishabh that is he fine and what happened. Rishabh thanks Preeta for showing the reality to him. He hugs Kritika and tells her that she may get hurt now but it’s for her good only. He tells her that he knows that he is going to spoil her birthday but he can’t wait for a second also now. Rakhi asks him that why he is saying all this. Rishabh is about to tell the truth but Police interrupts him.

Police inspector tells him that he came to arrest him in attempt to murder case which shocks everyone. Karan tells him that the latter would have misunderstood. Police inspector reveals that Sandeep gave complaint against Rishabh and yesterday night Rishabh hit Sandeep with his car. Sherlyn thinks that she need to act now and defends Rishabh and tells Police inspector that Rishabh didn’t came home yesterday. Police inspector tells her that she is lying. Prithvi thinks that Sherlyn going good. Police inspector informs them that he saw CCTV footage. Mahesh tells him Rishabh is not that kind of person. Rishabh asks Police inspector that how is Sandeep now.

In the hosptial, Sandeep asks Police that why they are not taking any action against Rishabh. Meanwhile, Rakhi asks Rishabh that does he knows Sandeep. He tells her that Sandeep sold their company’s confidential details that’s why he fired him. Luthra’s defends Rishabh. Police arrests Rishabh. Police inspector asks Luthra’s to prove Rishabh’s innocence in court. Rishabh tells his family that he will return. Karan loses his control. Preeta and Rishabh asks him to calm down. She tells Karan that they will hire a Lawyer. Police inspector informs her that court won’t open for next two days. Rishabh wishes Kritika for birthday. Rakhi cries and hugs him.

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