Apna Time Bhi Aayega 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Jai tells himself that he is becoming mad because of Nanthini and Champa and now he has to buy two necklace too. Champa comes there and asks him to show the necklace and she sees both and selects one of them. Rani comes there so Jai asks Champa to bring tea. Rani calls Nanthini and tells her that Jai brought gift for her. She takes both necklaces and gives it to Nanthini. Nanthini takes the necklace which Champa liked. Champa gets angry seeing that. Rani tells her to help Nanthini to get ready. Jai signals Champa to go so she leaves from there.

On the other hand, Kiara asks Vikram that why he called her there. He tells her that they need to spend time together that’s why he called her. He says to her that he is so happy today and he won’t hide his feelings anymore because he understood her importance in his life. She asks him that does he love her this much. He tells her that he loved her always but realized recently. He gives gift to her and tells her that it will remind her about him. She tells him that she don’t need gifts to remember him. He kisses her and hugs her.

Nanthini gets ready in her room. Champa comes there and informs her that Rani send her for help. Nanthini taunts her. Champa tells her that the latter snatched Jai first and now her necklace too. She holds her hand tightly and Rani notices that. Nanthini changes the topic so Rani wonders that why Nanthini hiding the truth.

Rani, Kiara and Nanthini comes downstairs for engagement ceremony. Rani asks Jai to express his love to Nanthini. Jai moves towards Nanthini and tells ‘shayari’ to her which irritates Champa. Everyone claps. Champa collides with Waiter and juice spills on Nanthini’s dress so she goes to washroom. Veer tells Vikram that it’s the latter’s turn now. Vikram kneels in front of Kiara and tells her that he spend his most memorable moments with her. Kajri gets angry seeing them and leaves from there. Vikram tells Veer that it’s the latter’s turn. He teases him saying that they never saw him expressing his love.

Veer tells his and Rani’s journey in her slang. Everyone smiles hearing him. Vikram leaves from there to pick the call. Veer hugs Rani. Everyone hears some noise. Veer and Rani goes to check. Kajri stands near Vikram with stick and thinks that how can she hit him. Rani asks Kiara about the noise. Kiara lies to her that she slipped nothing else. Rani asks her to come to the hall for engagement and leaves from there.

Kiara looks at Vikram who is unconscious and also Kajri who is standing beside him with stick. She recalls that how she saw Kajri hitting Vikram and scolded Kajri. She decides to expose her but the latter pushes her and threatens to kill Vikram. Kajri warns her to follow the orders.

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