Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Kuldeep and Shubhra meeting secretly. He gets upset being apart from her and says that he wants to be together. Shubhra consoles him and says that soon they will be together. Kuldeep apprises her about the photo which Chandrani have sended to him and tells that Phirki is living a luxurious life in Samaira’s house. He also tells that she is wearing Samaira’s clothes and have maids to look after her needs. He notify her about the watch which Samaira have given to Phikri and says that there must be some secret behind it.

Here, Kuldeep insists Shubhra to ask about it from Madhura. She denies stating that Madhura is still in misery because of Sadashiv’s death. He requests her saying that the only way to find the truth out is from Madhura. He says that by doing so they will be able to catch the culprit, while she nods saying that she will try. They both bids adieu to one another and leaves.

Samaira gets furious and tells Kuldeep to ask his mother to move out of her house. She says that she got a buyer for her Mumbai house and ask Kuldeep to make Chandrani to leave that house. He questions about the buyer and says that of Samaira is lying to throw Chandrani out? She gets silent, while he suggests her to let Chandrani live there till the buyer comes there. He ask if she is hiding something there? To which she gets anxious and goes away. Meanwhile, Kuldeep determines to find about the truth.

Elsewhere, Shubhra joins the dots to find the proof against Samaira and Phirki. At that time Madhura comes there and says that Shubhra is just like her father. Shubhra requests her to remember every detail of the day when Sadashiv died. They both cries remembering him, while Shubhra consoles her mother. Madhura gets flashes of the maids and notify Shubhra about it. She says that it’s weird that the maid was wearing a costly watch.

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Shubhra ask if she will show the watch to Madhura then will she be able to recognise it? The latter replies positively. Shubhra shows the photo of the watch, while Madhura says that it’s the same watch. She questions that from where Shubhra got it? While Shubhra ask to trust her and takes Madhura inside.

Ahead, Shubhra calls Kuldeep, while they talks secretly in front of Samaira. Shubhra tells him that Madhura recognised the watch and states that now they can make Samaira arrest.

Shubhra and Kuldeep reaches police station. They shows the picture of the watch and states that Madhura recognised it. Inspector says that they are behind Samaira without any reason and gives them warning. Kuldeep gets furious, while Inspector scolds them and sends them away. Kuldeep and Shubhra gets worried. Shubhra says no one is ready to believe them and ask how they will prove Samaira as the culprit? Kuldeep gets an idea and shares it with her. He says that his idea will surely work, while she looks at him.

Further, Chandrani gets a call and she agrees to play along. She calls Phirki and makes a video with her. She makes Phirki dance and records it. She fake praises Phirki, while latter shares about her dream guy with Chandrani. She gets shy, while at that time someone knocks the door. Chandrani sends Phikri to open it and says that her dream man have arrived. Phirki opens the door, while Kuldeep enters being disguise.

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