Meet 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Meet Ahlawat asks Meet to hide her face for their family respect than she hides her face with Duppatta and she about to fell down because big veil than Meet Ahlawat takes her to the venue by holding her hand. Friends of Babita thinks where is Babita as her Daughter in law is here and they waits to insult Babita and they goes to start the Muhdikhayi ritual and they asks Meet to open her veil but she denies. Guest says it’s ritual of Muhdikhayi. Meet says she is shy and we can finish this ritual in this way. Guests says It won’t be don’t until we saw her face and they forcefully tries to remove her veil but she won’t let them open it. Ragini says Meet open your veil otherwise we may get insulted.

Raj says wear it with proud feeling than you won’t feel it as getting humiliated. Babita says you’re changed that’s why you’re unable to see which is affecting me. Meet thinks to go to her room than her veil gets removed and guests makes fun of Babita’s choice. Masoom says it’s not good to see Mom is getting insulted but this may help Mom to send Meet from our place. Guests makes fun of Meet features. Raj stops them saying she is our Daughter in law so stop making fun of her and we are giving respect to you as you guys are our guests. Dimple says Babita humiliated us and challenged me so she have to be here to fulfill her challange and where she went.

Babita comes downstairs in regional outfit and she tells her friends that she will definitely fullfill the challenge. Raj tries to stop her but she won’t listen and she dances to the local song played by their friends and they records it in their phones and Meet tells to Meet that he Hates her as she is the reason for his Mom’s insult and in between they makes her hold the pot and she dances with it and she leaves the pot in glass table and she about to fell on it in her unconscious state but Meet saves her on time. Everyone rushes to her. Raj asks Meet to take Babita to her room than he calls Doctor.

Ragini takes juice to Babita room and she asks Raj about Babita friends. Raj says she is getting better and if Babitha friends left. Ragini says yes than Raj says don’t know what kind of friends Babitha had, as they are waiting opportunity to insult eachother and I’m feeling bad for our Daughter in law Meet as she leaves her family for us and don’t know what’s she feeling. Meet about to go to Babita room but Masoom stops her from entering to Babita room.

Meet 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Raj tells to his son that Babita will feel better with medicine and they sees Meet waiting at far. Raj says your sister stopped her from entering room still she is waiting to know Babita health condition and Meet to got humiliated infront of everyone and noone noticed her inner beauty and she is the one who saved your Mom but even you didn’t noticed it and she is beautiful in heart and she is diamond so please give her one chance as she deserve it. Meet Ahlawat looks on. Mert covers her face with Duppatta seeing Meet and she about to fell down because of table but Meet Saves her.

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