Meet 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Ragini knocks the door and asks Meet to come out soon as guests are waiting. Meet comesout and tells her she didn’t know how to wear it. Ragini helps her to wear the dress properly and she asks Meet to consider her like her Mom to share her problems. Meet agrees. Babita says I was proud to have a beautiful bahu so I smiled at other fates and challenged them but now they will laugh at me. Meet overhears their conversation and tells to his Mom that she don’t need to do it. Babita says I told them that I will get a Bahu like Moon but we get the mark in moon as our daughter in law. Babita helps Meet to walk in her dress.

Beautician comes to get Meet ready for Muhdikhayi. Meet reminsces how her sister used to bear the pain of eyeshadow trimmer than she asks Ragini if it’s compulsory as I’m scared of makeup. Ragini asks her to try once. Beautician gets straightener but Meet says no need than Ragini asks her do make up. Beautician about to start makeup but Meet denies and tells to Ragini that she can’t bear pain to look good so please send her as I’m comfortable in my current look. Ragini sends Beautician. Babita says I’m going to get insulted infront of them because of you.

Rajvardhan says you’re giving them opportunity, once see our daughter in law with my eyes than you will feel proud to have her as daughter in law and she is good at heart and you’re wearing our traditional clothes and feeling like getting insulted which is like you’re making fun of our culture which is not good and our daughter in law used to handle her family responsibilities alone unlike our Meet. Babita says she can be amazing girl to you but she is the dream breaker to me and my son and my friends are laughing at me because of you and their laugh is resonating in my ears and I’m feeling embarrassed so I need to finish this challenge. Meet says no need to do it, just give me 10m to set everything and he leaves from their room.

Guest plans to viral Babita dance video amd makes fun of her Daughter in law. Isha comes to Meet and tells him that Babita aunts friends are discussing about the dance. Meet says he won’t let her get humiliated otherwise she will get broken so I will asks guest to leave from our place. Ram says it’s not good to send them as it’s insult to our family. Meet says it’s the only way to save Mom from humiliation. Ram says it’s not the way. Meet angrily says it’s happening because of that Meet.

Meet 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Isha rushes to tell her Mom but she stops her showing Meet. Isha asks why she is not yet ready. Ragini says she is comfortable in this way. Isha says I’m scared thinking what will happen in Muhdikhayi. Manushi dreams of her expensive Muhdikhayi and spoils the pillow. Kunal wakesup her than she tells him that she is missing the rituals and asks him to take her to his home. Kunal gives her coffee than he tells her that his Dad is angry and he went to Delhi so let’s go to your place until his Anger cools down. Manushi says my people are searching to kill you so it’s not good. Kunal says let order good food as it’s waste to spoil our mood. Manushi agrees.

Masoom comes to her Mom and tells her that guests came to get you insulted that’s why I sent Duggu to mall with his Dad. Babita says glad he didn’t see me getting insulted. Meet says they won’t humiliated you and you won’t go downstairs. Babita says I have to face them oneday and u won’t take back my words. Masoom says let’s blame Bride family infront of your friends as they cheated us and it’s not your mistake than you will get sympathy. Rajvardhan says Anubha didn’t cheated us. Babita says your Dad want me to get humiliated as she feels his bride is great so noone can stop me. Meet says I can’t see you get humiliated so please give me sometime and he leaves.

Ragini.amd Isha about to take Mert downstairs but Meet stops them saying he will bring Meet with him. Ragini asks if he is sure. Meet says yeah as she is my wife and once they leaves he asks Meet to cover her face with Duppatta as your face is reason for our problems and I hate your face so it’s better if you hide it and he covers her face. Meet says she is feeling uncomfortable than Meet Ahlawat says he is also feeling uncomfortable with her and asks her to do it for his family.

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