Kumkum Bhagya 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Pragya and Abhi arguing with each other where Pragya tells Abhi that he will lose and she will win and he should be proud that he lost against her. Abhi asks to play the game. Pragya remembers how he was not able to throw the dart and agreed to play the game with him as she is sure that she will win. Abhi says that if he wins then she will have to listen to him for the next twenty four hours. Pragya agrees. They both start the game after applying powder talc on their hands dramatically. Abhi throws the dart and the dart is right on the stop. Pragya plays next. Shs also successfully plays the dart. Abhi then triss but then his dart falls down. Pragya teases him where he asks her to play the game then say. Pragya agrees and shs plays but hers too fall on to the floor.

Mitali and Pammi comes there and supoort Abhi. Thsy cheer for him. Mitalu says that they should becoms cheer leaders to which Pammi says they will only clap for him. Shagun comes with her co maid and they say that they will support Pragya. They both support Pragya. They again go back to playing the game. Abhi gets successful in throwing the darts right on the spot but Pragya fails to do so. Abhi laughs. Finally Abhi wins the game and Mitali with Pammi and him enjoy the moment. Dadi tells Pragya that even though she lost the game, she became successful in distracting Abhi from the alcohol and leaves from there. Sushma alao says the sams to her and asks her to cherish her win. Pragya tells her that she is worried because she knows Abhi and he will definitely use this against her.

Tanu and Aliya wonder as to from the noise is coming from. They both look at Abhi, Mitali and Pammi who are doing the train play. They both stop them and ask them the reason for their behaviour. Abhi tells him that he has shut Pragya with his game and has won the game. He says that now she has to do what he asks her to do. He again leaves from rhere dancing happily. Tanu tells Aliya that he is playing this childish games where Aliya says that she has planned big.

Pallavi gets a call from Rajeshwari who tells her that the community has decided to make her the chair person of the foundation. Pallavi feels happy. Shs tells her that she will come to sign the papers. Pallavi shares the news with Daljeet who congratulates her.

Kumkum Bhagya 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Next morning Abhi and Pragya go to the office. Pragya says she hasn’t slept well. She gets shocked seeing Aliya. Aliya remembers how she has made a deal with Gaurav for fifty percent shares in turn of the information she steals from Pragya. Abhi asks her what she is doing here even after knowing what Gaurav did. Aliya says that she don’t want to be servant for Pragya and she choses to be Gaurav’s employee. Abhi drags her with him. The Screen Freezes On Pragya.

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