Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 26th November 2021 Written Story:

Scene begins with Devraj getting worried about Krisha. In the interim, Roma and Jaya advises him that they need to utilize Krisha to satisfy their rationale. Roma expresses that Krisha is frantically enamored with Devraj and can do anything for him, while he says that he isn’t getting good inclination by doing it. He broadcasts that they ought to illuminate Krisha about reality, though Roma gets incensed and insults him to inform Krisha pretty much every one of the things they have done to get them hitched. She says that she will advise Krisha pretty much every one of the arranged assaults on Devraj to bring them closer.

Here, Roma chastens Devraj while he makes himself clear that he isn’t easing off from their arrangement. He additionally says that their arrangement would have been sucessful if the fire wouldnt have begun. In the mean time, Krisha sees her wrist and contemplates her new name given by Devraj. She attempts to look into the name he is attempting to give her and recalls that it is a little name.

Krisha continues to contemplate her new name, while Devraj comes there. He get some information about her being lost, to which she questions him about her name. He request that she get it, while she demands him to tell her yet he keeps quiet. She runs behind him to get the name out of his mouth and stimulates him. He snickers while the two of them looks content with one another. In the interim, Rati passes from that point making them concious.

Somewhere else, Jaya informs everybody regarding the gathering party of Krisha and Devraj. She gives liability to Aarav with respect to Devrajs dressing, while gives Ugra obligation regarding Krishas outfit. Around then Krisha inform them about seeing a young lady fleeing on the passage during the fire occurrence. In the mean time, Raghav inquire as to whether she have seen her face? To which Krisha denies. Raghav states that he previously had an uncertainty that fire occurrence was arranged. Though, Jaya attempts to change the point and gives a look to Devraj and Roma.

Jaya additionally tells about welcoming Krishas family, as they are the main individuals. Krisha says that she have truly seen somebody, while Jaya announces it to be her visualization. Though, Krisha checks out Devraj and says that she will without a doubt figure the name which he have choosen for her.

Ahead, Krisha continues to send heaps of names to Devraj and says that it should be one of them. He gets angered seeing her messages and calls her telling that her speculations are off-base. In the first part of the day he sits tight for Krisha however she gets late for morning Aarti. Rati grins seeing him and says that they generally got acclimated of Krishas morning supplication.

Krisha attempts to go for morning petitions hurridly yet something sticks inside the cabinet which opposes it from opening. She invests more effort and pushes it to open. A photograph tumbles down from it and Krisha gets it, yet couldnt ready to see it. She converses with her Gods symbol and says that she will do his supplications at the earliest opportunity.

Further, Devraj comes there and gets stunned seeing the photograph. He calls Krisha while she goes towards him and clarify about her justification behind being late. He attempts to stay away from her brain from the image and takes her first floor. In the interim, she converses with him about her new name and says that she have as of now got it. In the interim, Devraj signals Roma to go inside Krishas room. She gets inside and becomes stunned in the wake of seeing Devrajs picture with a ladies.

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