Ghar Ek Mandir 25th November 2021 Written Story:

Nisha tells Varun, Kundan has called her and Genda. Varun strolls to Kundan, Nisha murmurs to Manish look I let you know she wont come. Kundan asks where is Genda, I called you both, Nisha says I advised them to meet up, Varun says I told you, Genda is extremely unwell, Nisha says its critical to have her here, as we have Pooja and all ladies should be in this pooja.

Varun says she is exceptionally feeble and cant come. Kundan says call for at some point then she can rest, Nisha says we will do a certain something, we will simply make Genda contact this pooja thali and afterward me and Mummyji will perform aarti, Anuradha says Nisha is correct, Varun says give me I will take to Genda. Nisha says for what reason does it seem as though you dont need us to meet Genda.

Anuradha says Nisha for what reason will he do as such, might be he isn’t enjoying me going in, so you go Mummyji, Anuradha takes aarti, Varun says let me, Kundan says for what reason are you halting everybody, Anuradha says let me go, Kundan says stand by even I will come.

Kundan and Anuradha stroll in, Varun follows them, Kundan gets a call and he leaves chatting on call, Nisha thinks now Mummyji will stroll in and track down reality. Siddhant gets Gendas area and goes to save her.

Genda is attached to cot, two men give her sedation with the goal that they can eliminate her eyes and sell it

Anuradha strolls to Genda and calls out to her, Varun says she is sleeping soundly, Anuradha eliminates cover and sees pads, and takes a gander at Varun and asks what everything is this and where is Genda, all think she is sick, so where is she.

Genda gains consious and sees infusion and asks what all you need leave me, I am now in extraordinary difficulty I need to reach to a spot, kindly let me go.

Varun says Genda isnt home, Anuradha asks where is she then, at that point.

Genda making a decent attempt to free herself.

Varun says to Anuradha kindly sit and pay attention to me, I realize I lied however it was for us all great, Anuradha asks what great and didnt you hear what Papa said, Varun says its just for our shop thus Genda went Mathura.

Genda is hold tight to cot.

Varun explains to Anuradha why Genda went Mathura, to move land and he planned to go but since of Papa, Genda needed to leave. Anuradha says for what reason did you do this, send her alone.

Siddhant arrives at area, and sees there is nobody.

Varun says to Anuradha he had no choice and other issue is, he can’t arrive at Genda, her telephone is turned off, Anuradha says you could tell me atleast, Papa previously had cautioned everybody, Varun says there could have been no alternate way.

Genda going to get infused, Siddhant breaks entryway and gets in., he gets in battle with the men. Siddhant beats them terrible, Genda liberates herself, Siddhant prevents the men from contacting Genda, at the same time he goes near Genda. Siddhant gets injured too by the men, Genda hits a man with stick and saves Siddhant from getting hit by a drum. Assessor strolls in with group and catch them, they say thanks to Siddhant for data and applause Genda for her grit and leaves.

Siddhant strolls to Genda and says might be you need to say thank you for saving your life, Genda says you can police not me, I am certain this is all your arrangement, they were your men, you are a thrid class man, yet I wont free, I will go Mathura, stop me assuming you can and leaves. Siddhant grins.

Genda sees reviewer leave and starts strolling on high way, attempting to track down transport, Siddhant draws close to her on bicycle and asks do you need lift, Genda says never from you, I wont even stroll with you, I would favor stranger, Genda stops a taxi and gets in it, Siddhant hands his card to driver and says call me when you reach, will pay you great. Siddhant says dont gaze, I deal with my companions and foe, Genda says driver tears this card, Driver says for what reason will I, I need cash, Genda says I wont travel with you, Driver gives Siddhant his card back. Siddhant thinks hardheadedness and unbending nature goes inseparably with winning and we both have it

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