Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th November 2021 Written Story:

Angoori in lobby. Vibhu sitting close by her. Angoori hear Tiwari calling her and says I can’t live without you Tiwari for what reason are you staying there come embrace me. Vibhu says for what reason is she calling me Tiwari, I have been sitting tight for this since long however how might I get her. Angoori expresses what are you thinking come here and embrace me and take me to paradise.

Angoori open her eyes sees Vibhuti and says its you where is Tiwari and begin crying says I can’t reside without him, assuming he come before me Ill say love you. Vibhu says I am familiar with a wishing great in the event that you toss a coin and make a wish and it materialize. Angoori says will I get Tiwari. Vibhu says assuming he will be accessible in stock then most likely you will get. Angoori says gives up before Tiwari leaves stock and they leave.

Man appealing to wishing admirably says my better half thinks Im seeing somebody if it’s not too much trouble, give her insight to comprehend, he gets call from woman says sweetheart Ill be back cake to meet a well. Tiwari strolls in and says how was the experience. Man says It was great I have numerous woman in my production line I have insight and leaves. Tiwari says dont know what he said, he sees well says its profound after all I really want to make wish.

Vibhu and Angoori strolling towards well, Vibhu says waut somebody is now there. Angoori says he is Tiwari. Vibhu says he came to want for you to well. Angoori says let me go. Vibhu stops her say let him oray after that we will meet and Im sure he will ask you. Angoori says Im pleased with him. Vibhu says stand by brief lets hear what he wish for. Tiwari says to well I heard you helped a many individuals, today help me as well,

I really want an outsider young lady who is blonde and blue eyes simply provide me with my decision of woman and tosses the coin. Angoori expresses what is this for what reason is he requesting for outsider. Vibhu says Im sorry I dont know whats happening my forecast turned out badly. Angoori says Ill proceed to ask him. Vibhu says no it will make whine. Angoori so I should stand by till he carry unfamiliar with her and strolls to her.

Angoori strolls to him. Tiwari sees her get energized attempt to embrace. Angoori says dont contact me. Tiwari expresses what occur. Angoori says you requested for outsider I know that is the reason you battled with me so you can carry that outsider to our home. Tiwari says dislike that. Vibhu says its like that. Tiwari says shut up to Vibhuti and who are you dont come in the middle of a couple. Angoori says he is my wellwisher, I never figured you would do like this Ill call Ammaji and tell everything, she calls Ammaji and ask how things are going. Ammaji says Im regarding to arrive at sanctuary, its so cold here and ice for what it’s worth.

Angoori gets energized and ask is it same we find in refrigerator. Ammaji says OK its equivalent. Vibhu says to Angoori come to point. Angoori says to Ammaji your know Tiwari. Ammaji makes proper acquaintance I can’t hear you I have signal issue will converse with you later. Angoori cries and leaves. Vibhu says to Tiwari I have an arrangement for you proceed to bite the dust. Tiwari says he again took my significant other.

That very evening Tiwari, Helan and David having drinks. Helan says winter is here. David says climate figure said it will rain today. Helan says Im saying about cold and you are discussing precipitation. Tiwari begin crying says Im missing Angoori a ton she use to weave sweater for me in cold. Saxena says to Tiwari dont stress Im here for you Ill sew sweater for you. David plays with Saxena. Saxena give snacks to them. Helan says its taste. Saxena says thankyou Ill get more snacks for you.

Tiwari gets call from Dadu says for what reason is he calling assuming he get to have some familiarity with about Angoori then he will chide me, Ill not pickup. David says assuming you will write pick then he will come here and see that your significant other is residing at neighbors house. Helan says to Tiwari why dont you fix up with your significant other. Tiwari says how might I do.

David says she is attempting to fix up. Tiwari says I attempted to fix up many time however there is one individual becoming obstacle. David says who is he. Helan says attempt one time converse with her attempt to dazzle her, she is basic and blameless, and somewhat dumb yet she is great and love you alot. Tiwari says I additionally love her a great deal, yet I told you there is one individual going about as obstacle. Helan says go intrigue her.

Angoori dresses in western outfit and perusing English paper. Vibhu strolls in sees Angoori and says who is this excellent woman she seem as though outsider however give Angooris Vibe gives up and converse with her. Vibhu strolls to her and welcome her. Angoori welcome her back. Vibhu in shock says I cannot trust that and inquire as to for what reason are you in unfamiliar clothing you are all desi. Angoori says I heard Tiwari requesting for outsider that is the reason I became one. Vibhu says no outsider can coordinate with you, assuming we talk about Tiwari he can’t request you things, he dont have notoriety, teel me a certain something in the event that Tiwari says become thing young lady for myself and dance for me. Angoori sayd so what he is my better half.

Vibhu says I realize you will answer same, assuming you ask him same he wont do I can compose on stamp paper and say he wont do same for you he will reject that. Angoori ask tell me for what good reason will I request that he dance since its not his work. Vibhu says you are likewise taking care of business like you are sitting as outsider infront of me however you have no connection in being an outsider in light of the fact that your significant other interest. Angoori says as much what he is my better half he can ask me. Vibhu says then, at that point, are you his worker. She says dont says anything and get outraged. Vibhu says acknowledge it he has been vocal with regards to considering you moronic constantly. Angoori says he can’t say like this. Vibhu says dont stress Im with you Ill remain with you. Angoori says Ill not converse with him, you it took me 4 hours to prepare. Vibhu says you look incredible.

Tiwari leave his home contacts Vibhutis fundamental entryway and gets shock. Vibhu come out and says for what reason are you attempting yo go into my home this late like cheat. Tiwari says Im not criminal and says give me back my significant other and begin yelling Angooris name. Vibhu says quit yelling you are upsetting everybody in province. Tiwari says I need my significant other back. Vibhu says go to mountain you will get woman there and you can help one another.

Man strolls in welcome them and says I heard you were discussing spouse. Vibhu says OK he want spouse. Man says I have incredible spouse she dont question by any means. Tiwari says yet for what reason are you telling your wifes biodata Im getting some information about my better half here. Man says he kept your better half at his home, says to Vibhuti assuming you have place so keep my significant other as well. Vibhu says why you need to give your better half to me. Man says since I like another person. Vibhu says to Tiwari did your heard and request that he shake hands. Tiwari give his hand yet Vibhu make him contact his door and he gets shock.

Gupta and Masterji sitting close to tea slow down. Prem strolls in and says to them I have pressing work from you says I really want some cash my significant other is holding all the money and not giving me. Gupta says why not we will assist you with telling how much money you need and says take 100rs and come to facility Ill give 400rs more. Prem says you keep it I want 25,000rs. Masterji inquire as to for what reason do you need that much cash.

Prem says I lost in betting with somebody when I was in intoxicated now I need to bring him back. Gupta says yet for what reason do you want cash you have a lot of it. Prem says I let you know my significant other is holding all the money and presently Im broke. Masterji ask who are individuals you took credit. Prem says they are extremely perilous individuals they will go to my better half and tell her.

Tiwari strolls in and says to them do you know any hooligan who can beat somebody in return of cash. Prem says I know. Tiwari says give me address. Prem says Ill do it for you since I really want cash. Tiwari saya I figure you can’t do it. Prem says dont stress Ill do it yet Ill charge 25000 for this work. Tiwari takes prem with him in corner says assuming that I says you need to beat your closest companion Vibhuti, still you will do it. Prem says OK.

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