Mere Sai 25th November 2021 Written Story:

Sai and Salim are coming back. Salim inquires as to whether he made the best decision. Sai gestures. Salim asks Sai how that family was so cheerful in any event, when they had no assets. Sai says people dont understand that the affection for their shut ones and confidence on God is the thing that brings them genuine bliss. Common things dont bring you genuine joy. It lies in penance and acknowledgment. It lies in regarding your relations, love and in interfacing with individuals with no assumption. The person who comprehends this will be the most joyful individual of all time!

Rihana is concerned for Salim. Sun has set at this point he still isnt back. Baizama tells her not to stress when Sai is with Him. He will fix everything. He should help Sai assuming He is with Salim. Ali says we will be fine when this grumbling will be arranged. What will happen when police will return again tomorrow?

Salim shudders due to the virus. How might we proceed with this way? Sai proposes holding up at the hotel close by. We can begin early morning. Salim concurs. They go to the hotel yet the visitors at the motel dont have covers. Salim feels awful for them. How might they oversee in the virus like this? We should accomplish something. Sai regrets that a work was described yet it turned as vain. Salim asks Him how it didn’t function. Sai brings up that these are similar individuals who Kaka planned to disseminate the covers as well.

They wouldnt need to go through this aggravation assuming that you had finished the request. Some of them have come from somewhere else and have no place else to go as they dont have cash for anything. That is the reason I continued to let you know that we really want covers. Salim understands his mix-up. A woman cries as her child loses cognizant as a result of the virus. Salim demands Sai to save the child. I wont have the option to excuse myself in the event that anything happens to him. Individuals perceive Sai by His name and solicitation Him to help them. Sai advises Salim to bring water from the close by well. The child needs warm water. I will make different game plans till then, at that point. Salim leaves. Sai requests that everybody accompany Him.

Salim goes to the well and appeals to God for the prosperity of the child. If it’s not too much trouble, save the child. I dont need whatever else, not even my gramophone consequently.

Sai gets fire going. Salim gives water to Sai. The man at the motel sees that Salims garments are totally wet. He answers that he couldn’t care less with regards to himself. I just need the child to be fine. Salim asks outside while Sai helps the child gain some glow. He awakens and embraces his folks. Salim is overpowered to hear the children voice. The children guardians say thanks to Sai for the assistance. Salim says thanks to God. I missed my Namaz in view of my fixation at this point you heard my supplications. Sai grins inside.

Sai tells Salim that Maalik never holds resentment with His children. Salim says I took in this illustration the previous evening itself when you came to assist me with evening when I had been discourteous to you. It is great that it was taken or I wouldnt have had the option to check out reality. I had influenced from my way. Sai says it is morning when you awaken. I want a pot of water more. Will you bring it for me? Salim is interested however concurs.

Sai gets soil in His grasp. Mama Vasundhara, if it’s not too much trouble, get the token once again to the child securely. He is back in contact with his underlying foundations once more. He is back in contact with you, Ma.

Salim is amazed to see a woman at the well around evening time. Who right? What are you doing here at this hour? She shares that she is Vasundhara. I have something that has a place with you and have come to return that as it were. Salim is befuddled. What’s going on here? What’s the significance here? She gradually takes out something. Salims eyes enlarge in shock as he sees his gramophone in her grasp. She advises him to take it. He asks her how it came here. How would you are familiar it? He checks out up and Ma Vasundhara has vanished. He glances around yet can’t find her anyplace.

Sai praises Salim on getting his top pick and costly thing back. Salim gestures. I got it back final evening itself. Your organization is generally valuable to me. I had lost this is a result of this gramophone. I dont need anything that will remove me from my Guru, my work and my companions. Kindly keep it with you. Sai denies. It isnt to blame. No thing is terrible. It is our fixation which is off-base. In case you had pondered Rashid while paying attention to you then it would have carried you nearer to your friends and family. That would have been correct however you were giving need to it over all the other things. You dint even go to see off Rashid as a result of it. You actually have time. Sun is going to ascend in the sky.

This is a fresh start for you as well. Take it and use it accurately. It is only an instrument in the event that you dont need to hotshot once more. Music brings individuals closer. Use it to retouch your relations for great and not to prevail upon certain outsiders. Salim mourns that he wouldnt have broken his fellowship with Madhav and Kakasahebs trusts assuming he had perceived it before. All the other things with the exception of these 2 can be acquired once more. Sai reminds him not to surrender. Salim demands that he has harmed and frustrated the two of them. I should harvest what I have planted. Sai says Allah Maalik in answer.

It is morning. Rihana is stressed as Salim and Sai havent returned at this point. Police can come whenever. We couldnt complete both of the desires. Dont realize what will happen now. Monitor calls out for Salim. They head outside and see Kakasaheb with police. Kakasaheb is stressed. I have been searching for Sai since morning however He is mysteriously absent. I dont need to hurt Salim in any capacity. Kindly come soon and deflect the present circumstance.

Ali tells Inspector that Salim hasnt returned at this point. Overseer says he more likely than not flee. Ali demands that he has gone with Sai however Inspector isnt irritated by it. You should accompany us assuming Salim wont return. Rihana demands Kakasaheb to stop police. Dont rebuff my child for my spouses botch. Kakasaheb is in a fix. I dont need to place anybody in the present circumstance yet it is my dharma to respect Sais wish. If it’s not too much trouble, help me, Sai. He stays calm. Investigator requests that Ali accompany them.

Salim says he wont go anyplace. Salim gives the gramophone to Ali. Salim folds submits front of Kakasaheb. I’m your guilty party. I ought to be rebuffed for my mix-up. Allow me a single opportunity. Sai has assisted me with understanding my mix-up. I have frustrated you and have placed numerous poor individuals in a tough situation. You can rebuff me for itself and I wont say no. Simply allow me a days time so I can finish the request.

Precap :An individual requests that an old couple shift the sacks in the godown by nightfall. The woman is stressed for her significant other because of his age. The proprietor says your significant other trusts Sai a great deal. Allow me to see His solidarity now.

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