Bigg Boss 15 25th November 2021 Written Story:

Day 55 at 8:30 AM; Inmates awaken.

10:45 AM; Shamita inquires as to whether she needs to trade the obligation. She says she will clean the utensils and Tejasswi can do the slashing. Tejasswi prepares.

Karan asks Tejasswi for what good reason she took the hacking. Tejasswi says Shamita didnt needed to do the slashing in this way, she took.

2:15 PM; Clock rings for Tejasswi. Tejasswi inquires as to whether he was resting. Jay dont respond. Tejasswi swear she wasnt resting.

2:30 PM; Vishal and Shamita share a discussion. He inquires as to whether any virus war happening among Tejasswi and her. Shamita says no.

4:15 PM; Harsh and Bharati gets invigorated going into camera room. BB invite Harsh and Bharati. He permit the two of them to assume control throughout the house for time being and do anything with the competitor. Brutal and Bharati says to BB to take some time off and for time being they will care for their home.

4:30 PM; Harsh and Bharati requests that competitors assemble in the living region. They says prisoners slighted them last time and today they will retaliate for them by eliminating not many competitors. Cruel and Bharati chats with detainees. They give assignment to the competitors. Karan read about the assignment.

Base 5 competitors need to get Top 5 competitors consideration for as commonly they can to win the assignment. Botton 5 competitors can focus on any best 5 competitor.

4:45PM; Shamita, Pratik and Nishant makes the errand procedure.

Task begins; Rajiv, Umar, Vishal, Jay and Neha attempts to acquire Shamita, Tejasswi, Karan, Nishant and Pratiks consideration. Bharati and Harsh does the parody seeing the assignment to engage the crowd.

6 PM; base 5 keeps on bringing top 5 consideration towards themselves. Brutal says to Bharati-Rajiv figured out how to get the response. He says Umar is making an honest effort as well. Bharati says Neha is getting bothered at this point. Jay spreads lipstick on Shamita and Tejasswis face. Tejasswi and Shamita dont respond still.

6:30 PM; Bharati and Harsh screen the house. Rajiv gets Shamitas response and makes her giggle.

Task end. Unforgiving and Bharati says they will tell who get expelled soon as crowd was live watching the errand with them. Shamita says to Rajiv that he cannot contact anybody in the assignment. Rajiv says he was attempting to get the response. Vishal and Neha says Jay surrendered in the assignment.

8:45 PM; Neha gets enthusiastic. Tejasswi console Neha. Afterward, Nishant, Shamita, Karan, Umar, Pratik console Neha.

A short time later, Harsh and Bharati report they will take three competitors out from the house. Umar and Rajiv gets saved. Jay, Vishal and Neha gets dispensed with. Vishal peruses a verse prior to leaving. Prisoners gets weepy hearing him.

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