Tera Mera Saath Rahe 14th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Gopika brings food for Saksham and hears him preparing for his speech infront of the investor who is visiting the Modi’s in few hours. She smiles and prays to god to help Saksham get succeed in his presentation. Baa comes there and asks Gopika what is she doing here. Gopika tells Baa that she came here to give food to Saksham but if Saksham sees her then he wont eat. Baa says to Gopika why she is hurting herself like this also tells If Mithila sees then she will get angry at her. Gopika says to Baa that she understand both Saksham and Mithila’s anger because they expected a wife and daughter in law who is brave smart educated which she is not so they are angry at her and she wont bother them at all.

Baa says to Gopika that she prays to God that both Saksham and Mithila sees her strength and accept her as who she is instead of her weakness. Gopika then says to Baa that she will keep the food without Saksham’s knowledge in his room in that way he can able to have his breakfast. Ramila says to Ashi in the video call that she can’t directly instruct Chirag to take over the business but they can make Saksham as a failure by doing something with his presentation. Ashi happily smiles liking the idea of Ramila.

Saksham comes out of his room. Gopika hides behind Baa. Saksham leaves the room talking to someone on the call. Baa asks Gopika to hurry up. Gopika goes inside the room and puts Saksham’s breakfast. She then looks at the jewelry design and praises it. She feels something is missing so she makes some modifications and says now its perfect. Saksham comes there and asks what is she doing. Gopika gets shocked and shows the breakfast which she kept behind him and leaves the room. Saksham looks at the jewelry design and wonders how come it started looking more beautiful now.

Gopika goes to the living room. She sees Mithila is giving instructions to workers to how to take care of the guests who is coming from Japan. Mithila asks them not to make any mistake also make comfortable with their services. They all nods. Mithila then teaches rhr workers how to greet the guests in Japanese. Gopika hears it and does what Mithila instructed to the workers. Mithila hears Gopika’s voice and finds Gopika there so she asks her why she is here when she told her clearly that she don’t want her to be seen. She also says to Gopika that she dont want an outsider’s help to take care of her guests so asks her to go inside.

Gopika leaves the place. Ashi asks Ramila this much of spices are enough or not but Ramila instructs her to put more so that the clients will run away before seeing the presentation. Gopika gets shocked seeing Ashi is putting more spices in the Dal so she goes there and asks Ashi how could she put more spices in it which they can’t even handle it then how come the guests.

Mithila comes there and scolds Gopika for involving herself in every matters without her consent. Gopika says to Mithila that Ashi added more spices in the Dal. Mithila says to Gopika that she dont want to believe an outsider like her so asks her to leave the place also warns not to ruin anything. Gopika takes the bowl and drinks the entire content in it.

Both Mithila and Ashi gets shocked. Mithila asks Gopika what she has done now they don’t have time to prepare a Dal for the guests. Gopika tells Mithila that these Dal is prepared for a guest and she is also staying here as a guest so its completely okay if she had it. Then she decides to drink water but Mithila gets angry and drags her out of the kitchen. Ashi follows them.

Mithila brings Gopika infront of everyone and asks her why she is troubling them like this in the name of helping them. She already lied and become a stain of her son Saksham’s life if she wants to help then why not she wipe the stain away from her son Saksham also the family.

Gopika cries. Mithila says to Gopika that her name has been removed from the Modi family. She then goes and takes the photo frame and breaks it by throwing it on the floor and takes the picture in her hand and tears it into two. She then asks Gopika to tear all the pictures her face is in it. Baa asks Mithila to not to be harsh on Gopika because she is going to stay here for few days only. Mithila says that its Gopika who is making her life miserable. She then asks Ashi to tell Gopika to not to show her face infront of the guests and leaves the place. Gopika cries. Later the client comes with his PA and his son. Keshav welcomes them by putting garland on them.

Mithila asks them to have a welcome drink. The client drinks and praises it. Gopika watches everything for upstairs and smiles. Then they all sit in the living room. Mithila asks them to have food first then they talk about business. Gopika sees the kid is struggling to have the food so Gopika signs it from far. Mithila sees the kid is looking at Gopika so she signs at Gopika to leave the place the latter obliges and leaves. Saksham tells his client that he will surely like the design of the jewelry for sure.

Ashi tells Ramila that she can’t do anything now because Gopika won’t be there so that they can put a blame on her. Ramila gets an idea and shares it with Ashi who gets happy. Gopika looks at her marriage album and cries recalling everything. Ashi goes to Gopika’s room and tells her that she wants to tell her something. Gopika says even she wants to talk to her about something. She then asks why she didnt told anyone about the message which received before marriage from Saksham because of that only all the misunderstandings happened in the first place.

Ashi recalls everything and then asks Gopika is she blaming her when she is trying to help her. Gopika tells Ashi its not that if Mithila and Saksham known this before marriage then this wouldn’t happened now and her question is why she didnt said a single word about the message to the family. Ashi looks at Gopika shockingly.

Precap: Saksham tells that they can start the presentation. He starts talking about the jewelry design meanwhile behind his back Gopika’s pictures will be seen through the projection. The Japanese client’s employee tells they are disappointed and they don’t want to do this business deal with them and leaves.

Gopika goes and stops them saying that she will feed the kid food first before he leaves the place. She then says first the kid doesn’t know how to eat food and now when he got another opportunity he ate well like that she want the client to give Saksham another opportunity and she promise this time Saksham won’t disappoint them. The client says to his PA something and they both along with Saksham looks at Gopika.

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