Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 14th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Raghav thinks about drinking with Esha then he stops his car and comes out of it clutching his hair. He then sits nearby the car. Raghav’s other side comes and asks he made mistake right. Raghav says how could he do this to Pallavi. Then he asks to his inner self why he didnt stop him from doing such a thing. His inner self says when he don’t have control on himself then how could he will stop him.

Raghav asks that he don’t know whether he has to tell Pallavi about this or not. His inner self says to him if Pallavi learns about the truth then she will leave his side so it’s better if he doesn’t say to her. Raghav gets upset and angry at himself. Sunny says to Pallavi that he has some work so asks Pallavi to go to Hyderabad. Pallavi asks the reason but he tells that she is not his mother. Amruta tells Milind how she got a job. Sharda tells Milind and Amruta that Raghav is safe and returned to Hyderabad and they all thank God. Raghav comes to his house. Keerti goes and hugs him but Raghav maintains a distance saying that he is tired.

Keerti then asks Raghav where is Pallavi and Sunny. They both went to Warangal to search him. Raghav gets shocked. Pallavi comes there and hugs Raghav and says that she was so scared of his safety and the hours that went is a pure torture for her. Raghav pulls away from Pallavi and says he is tired so he is going to take rest. Pallavi gets confused but hugs him again saying first let her relax but Raghav once again pulls Pallavi away from him. Pallavi gets confused and looks at Raghav before she could ask him something Jaya comes there. Pallavi takes blessings from Jaya. Jaya says to Raghav and Pallavi that Keerti told everything to her and thank god now Raghav is safe and asks him to take rest. She also asks about Sunny to which Pallavi says that Suny told her that he has some important work there so he stayed there and she returned to Hyderabad. Raghav gets shocked.

Sunny asks the receptionist to tell the name of the girl who a few minutes back talked to him. The receptionist tells Sunny it’s against the hotel rules so Sunny gives him money. The receptionist says the girls name is Esha Madhavan. Sunny asks why Esha’s name is written next to Raghav to which the receptionist says that they spent thre night together. Sunny gets shocked. He then tears the paper from the register and gave some money to the receptionist and asks him not to say anything to anyone and leaves the place. Pallavi serves food for Keerti then asks Raghav why he is not eating anything. She also asks why he is acting weird. Jaya comes there and tells that when she went to Tripathi she learnt that her children’s are getting affected by bad time so to sort of she show a puja thing saying once they put this in their entrance of the house nothing will affect her children’s happiness and asks Pallavi to do it with the help of their worker.

Esha comes to RR mansion and says to herself after whatever happened between her and Raghav he can’t ignore her like this and they needs to talk. She then sees Pallavi is coming outside and hanging the puja thing which Jaya asked her to hang it. Esha leaves the place. Sunny comes to the house and says to Keerti that their dream about having a big house swimming pool playing area everything in it is going to become true. Keerti asks Sunny to not to dream so much and goes back to sleep. Sunny thinks to himself that he needs to find the truth soon.

Pallavi wakes up in the middle of the night and sees Raghav is not sleeping so she looks back at Raghav who is standing nearby the window. She calls him. Raghav tells Pallavi that he is not getting sleep so asks her to go back to sleep. Pallavi goes to Raghav and asks him what happened. Raghav says nothing. Pallavi tells Raghav why he is hiding something from her when she knows where he stayed also with whom he stayed. Raghav gets shocked and worried and looks at Pallavi. Pallavi jokingly asks Raghav that he must have spent the night with the vamp which Jaya is referring right. Raghav gets annoyed and scolds Pallavi.

Pallavi apologises to him and tells him that she dont want to fight with him because the last time they both gets into a fight he went to Warangal and stuck in all chaos and she was a mess. She then says that Raghav is not only her love but also a part of her life without that she can’t function properly. She then asks Raghav let’s promise to each other that they will fight with each other but before going to bed they will sort it out also they will trust each other. Raghav recalls his night with Esha so he goes back to his bed without making a promise which Pallavi asked him to and tells her that he is going to sleep and lies on the bed. Pallavi gets confused again.

The next day Amruta meets Esha. Esha tells Amruta as an intern what she needs to do and what she is not. Amruta then gets a call from her friend. Amruta advices her friend to confess her feelings for the guy who is dating someone else. After that Esha thanks her which makes Amruta confuse but she smiles. Jaya talks about her days is Tripathi. Sunny asks Raghav to share his experience about Warangal atleast share with Pallavi. Pallavi scolds him that he is going to become a father so act like a responsible adult. Raghav leaves the place saying he is not hungry. Sunny thinks to himself that he needs to find what happened between Esha and Raghav that night and smirks.


Raghav tells Esha that she is her past his present and future is Pallavi. Esha gets hurt but leaves the place. Keerti talks about the news in which it written how a girl commit suicide because a guy didn’t accept her. Raghav gets worried so he goes to Esha’s house and when he opens the door he gets shocked.

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